mission complete

I just beat the final mission of Metroid Prime: Federation Force! Man, that was intense. Again, no spoilers so I’m just going to talk about the adjustments that I made – choosing different MODs.

I was lucky to find the MOD that doubled the effectiveness of those health packs, so I equipped that. I then equipped the MOD that gave a +7 on my weight limit. After that, I just carried as many Health packs as I could, followed by a mix of Missiles and Cold Beams.

It was a big risk as I only had one each of those MODs – losing would have meant losing either or both of those MODs permanently. But my strategy paid off and I won.

I’m not done with the game yet – there are unlockables after beating it. Not sure if I’m still going to bother or if I’ll just use Federation Force as a palate cleanser. For now, time to get back to Fire Emblem Fates.


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