Gaming Geek’s Log – 2016.02.03

Thanks to one of my friends stepping up his Smash Bros. game, I started taking my Smash game a little more seriously.

It’s funny how a little competition can motivate one to improve. I kind of saw myself pretty decent at Smash Bros. prior to the release of the 3DS and Wii U versions, and I predicted that I would be the best in my playgroup once these versions were released.

That turned out to be true, but it didn’t last long. Pretty soon, one person in the group caught up to me, to the point wherein we’d split our matches 50-50. When the Roy DLC was released, he started wiping the floor with my ass using Roy.are main Link, and my strategy is simply to spam his projectiles until I do enough damage, then hope to luck into a killing blow. It was reliable up to that point, but very predictable. My friend found a way around it using Roy, figuring out a way to get past all my projectile tricks and approach me.

Losing so much motivated me to change my tactics but I kept regressing to my usual tactics until the 1.1.3 patch, which added some buffs and nerfs to Link. The most significant for me was a buff to Link’s fair, increasing its ability to KO. This gave me a go-to killing move (something I lacked before) and made me start being open to learning some aerial tactics.

I started adding some mixups to my game since then – nairs and zairs primarily. I usually played defensively, but I’ve learned to add approaches to my game and keep opponents on their toes. I became aware of advanced tactics and learned things like AGTs and soft bomb throws, stuff that I still can’t pull off. Still, because of all the stuff I read, I started experimenting with Link’s grabs and finally, finally learned how to use them better. I even learned a way to set up a spike off the edge, although it’s still a very dangerous maneuver.

Just this weekend, I had a match with my Roy friend and I think we’re back to 50-50, but with the stuff that I’ve learned, I think I regained my edge. Perfect timing, because Corrin and Bayonetta will be available within the day.

Super Smash Bros. is awesome.


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