Gaming Geek’s Log – 2016.01.26

I wasn’t satisfied with my first playthrough of Dementium Remastered, so I played it again on Normal difficulty and… Well, here’s what happened.

During my initial playthrough of Dementium Remastered, it took me less than eight hours to beat the game. I thought that was already short, so when I played it again, I was surprised: I beat the game in under three hours.

Yes, I played the game under Normal difficulty and I already knew the layout of the stages. Plus, I already knew how to best the bosses. But I didn’t anticipate that it would cut the time I needed to beat the game by more than half.

So Dementium Remastered really is a short game, a little too short for its price tag. It’s not a bad purchase; I had fun with it and liked it enough to do two playthroughs of it in quick succession. But I do wish they added more content to this version, especially since the original was commonly criticized for being too short.

Now that I’m done with my second playthrough, I’ll start focusing my attention on Mercenaries Saga2.


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