Gaming Geek’s Log – 2016.01.19

It’s been more than a week since my last journal update! Because of that, I’d like to talk about the games that I played the most last week.

Super Smash Bros. remains to be a fixture in my regular rotation. Right now, I’m alternating between Link and Cloud For Glory practice with the Lvl 9 AI, doing solo Smash Run, and trying my hand at beating Classic mode at the hardest difficulty. With Bayonetta and Corrin coming out next month, I’m guaranteed to spend even more time on this.

I put off Fire Emblem Awakening in order to play my other games, but now that Fire Emblem Fates is nearing release, I’ve decided to pick it up again. Prior to putting it down temporarily, I was only lacking the final two special recruits. Well, I have one of them now, so there’s only one character left and then I can get the complete ending. It shouldn’t be long now.

I’m still playing Pokemon Shuffle a lot, and have even added another free-to-play Pokemon game to my rotation: Pokemon Picross. I think I’m spending too much time on these games but I can’t help it – both games have time sensitive benefits that make me spend my time on them.

Despite beating this game once already, I’m replaying Dementium Remastered. I accidentally deleted my completion time on Normal so I’m going through the game again just so I have a record saved. This is taking some time away from Mercenaries Saga2 which should be my main game but for some reason its not really holding my attention.

So that’s… six games at a time. That’s actually too many for me, spreading my video game time too thin across different titles. I’ll have to drop one of these soon and keep my regular rotation tighter.


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