Gaming Geek’s Log – 2016.01.06

After ten weeks, I currently have a 7-2 record in our Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball league and an 8-2 record in our ESPN league, putting me in second place in both. I feel good about it, especially since I messed up in both drafts and because I’m highly likely to qualify for the playoffs.

I don’t think I’ll hang onto that second place slot in both though, by the time this week ends. Over at the Yahoo! League, I’m matched up with the person in 5th place. He might not sound much if you look at where he stands, but he’s got a 5-4 record – just two wins fewer than me. And he almost beat the guy in first place last week, falling just two steals short of victory. Right now, our score is 5-4 in his favor, and it doesn’t look like this is going to change much as the week goes by.

At ESPN, I have a tougher matchup. It’s a rematch against the guy currently at third place, and in all honesty he should be at second place. I was supposed to lose our first match but his main guy got injured and sat out most of the week that we played each other. Looking back, I think I almost lost to him; I remember using up all my allowed roster moves that week just to conjure as many fantasy points as I could. He’s almost 100 fantasy points ahead of me after Day one, which means I’ve got my work cut out for me.

It was good to sit at the top at least for a few weeks, but I think I’m sure to drop a place or two in the overall standings after this. Oh well.


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