Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.12.27

I’m not happy with how yesterday’s journal entry turned out, so I’m doing another entry on Virtue’s Last Reward.

I mentioned that Virtue’s Last Reward blew my mind in more ways than one – this game did it through its story and plot.

Virtue’s Last Reward revolves around nine people who find themselves trapped in a strange building and are forced by the mysterious Zero to play the Nonary Game. As the player, you view the events of the game through the eyes of one of the nine, Sigma.

Who are these people? Why are they being forced to play the Nonary Game? When all this was revealed, I was amazed. I played the prequel (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) and I know why they played the Nonary Game back then. This time around, the reason behind the Nonary Game is quite different and has implications on a much grander scale. It also heavily ties into the third game of the franchise, so anyone who wants to play that game when it comes out will need to play this game first.

The second mind blowing aspect of Virtue’s Last Reward is the puzzle solving. The game doesn’t ask you to solve puzzles; you’re given a room filled with puzzles and you have to figure out how each of those puzzles relate with each other. And unlike other other puzzle games which have their own mechanics that you need to learn, you need to rely on real world skills like basic and advanced Math in order to take on this game.

Whenever I’m going to play Virtue’s Last Reward, I make sure that I gave at least an hour of free time, especially if I know that I’m headed into a puzzle room. I love puzzles and puzzle games, and while the puzzles in this game are very challenging, they aren’t impossible (save for a few solutions that are really hard to figure out completely). It feels great to solve a puzzle room, but it takes so much out of me mentally too.

And that’s it, my closing thoughts on this game. I’m really glad I listened to all the positive reviews about Virtue’s Last Reward because this is one of, if not the most, compelling games in the 3DS library.


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