Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.12.22

I’ve been a fan of the NBA to some extent ever since I played a PC version of Lakers VS Celtics and the NBA Playoffs, which is weird because the Pistons made the NBA Finals in the year that this game was based on. But I’m not going to talk about that game; I’m going to talk about Fantasy Basketball, something that ive never delved into until recently.

I’ve known about Fantasy Sports for years now but I couldn’t be bothered to participate in the past, simply because I didn’t want to go online every day in order to “play”. But when I got an invite from a colleague at work recently, I was more open to it simply because they have mobile apps for it now.

I joined an ESPN Fantasy Basketball league first, but another colleague (who also joined the same ESPN league) started a new league using Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and invited me to join too. I liked my experience with the first league, so I said yes. And I’m having a blast so far.

Both leagues work in similar ways, and one thing in common in both is that players get matched up head to head each week, from Monday to Sunday. Players earn fantasy points depending on how their basketball players perform in real life NBA games, and the player who has the most fantasy points at the end of a week wins that matchup. At the end of 17 weeks (or less if the league starts late), the playoffs start, with only the top eight based on win-loss records qualified.

Right now I’m 6-2 over at the ESPN league and 5-2 at the Yahoo! league – meaning I’m doing quite well for a first timer. I’ve seen first hand how hard it is to win a matchup so I’ve given up on winning the entire thing; my only goal right now is to land in the Top 4 at the end of the regular 17-week season. There are only nine more weeks left, and it looks like I’ve got a good chance at hitting this goal in at least one of the two leagues. Not bad for a first timer, eh?


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