Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.10.11

Due to circumstances beyond my control I’m stuck somewhere and will need to wait, so it’s a good opportunity for a journal update. This time around, I’m revisiting Senran Kagura 2: Dark Crimson and will talk about Pokemon Battle Trozei again.


Just as I was starting to like Pokemon Battle Trozei, I ran into a situation that turned me off of it. In this game you can encounter, battle and catch several Pokemon per stage. Some of these Pokemon won’t appear until you meet certain conditions.

Sometimes, the required condition is as straightforward as beating the preceding Pokemon with an attack of a type that it’s weak against (e.g. beat an Ice Pokemon with a Fire Type attack).  Sometimes, it’s something unexpected like beating that preceding Pokemon with an attack of the same type (beating a Water Pokemon with a Water Type attack).

And then there’s this certain condition wherein you have to beat the preceding Pokemon with one and only one attack and it has to be of a certain type. This sounds easy, but its so easy to mess this up and sometimes you don’t have control over it. Like if a match accidentally forms just after you beat the Pokemon that went before it. Or if you can’t form a match of the required attack type without making another match, one that may be considered as the main attack. You end up not meeting the required conditions, missing the encounter with the elusive Pokemon and having to start over. It’s really annoying.

With that said, its not a game breaker – yet. I’m still in the early parts of Pokemon Battle Trozei, maybe things will get better. Maybe it’ll get worse. I guess I’ll have to find out for myself.


I’ve been prioritizing Senran Kagura 2: Dark Crimson recently, trying to get a review of it up over at Third World Geeks as soon as I can. And I’m surprised at how it grew on me. I was ready to pass this game off as something that’s really repetitive, but the farther I got along in the story the more engrossed in the game I became.

I passed on a number of different titles in getting this game, some of which cost less than half of what I spent on Senran Kagura 2. But I don’t regret it at all, not anymore.

And that’s it for today’s journal entry. Time to continue my Senran Kagura 2 playthrough!


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