Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.09.22

In an effort to make up for not updating as often as I want to, here’s my journal entry for this week. Since I’m making room for Senran Kagura 2, I’ve been avoiding starting a new playthrough session and have been playing games that don’t involve “playthroughs” – Super Smash Bros., Fantasy Life, and Pokemon Shuffle.

a 3ds - super smash bros

Back in July, I mentioned this five-man tournament for Super Smash Bros. that we’ve been planning to run and because we’ve all been busy recently, we never got to do it. Well, we’re planning to have that “tournament” this Sunday, so I decided to start practicing again.

I’m a guy who loves data and statistics, so aside from simply practicing against the Level 9 AI, I’ve been tracking some basic stats to see if there are any patterns or trends that can come up. I’m noting down the following information: my character, my opponent, and the result of the match. I’m completely aware of the difference between playing against the AI and against human opponents, but this is better than nothing. Doing this will help me identify which characters could give me some trouble, and so far So I can see that I’m really having trouble whenever the AI uses Mario – I’ve had two matches against Mario so far and both have been losses.

Doing all this data tracking also ensures that I’m spreading my practice sessions evenly across all five of my characters and in case “random” is resulting in me not having any matches with particular characters, I’ll be able to see that and adjust accordingly. Am I taking this too seriously? I don’t think so. Like I said, I love data and statistics so this is just me adding another layer to the video games that I play.

a 3ds - pokemon shuffle

No big updates for Pokemon Shuffle today. We’re still grinding for Coins and leveling up important/relevant Pokemon. I still haven’t unlocked any additional Expert stages beyond what I already have. Is this a sign that I’m slowly losing interest in this game? Hmm, we’ll see.

a 3ds - fantasy life

I mentioned my task list for Fantasy Life last week. Well, I managed to get enough Ancient Stone+ for me to be able to forge that Meteor Axe, which I did. Apparently, improving my Woodcutting level doesn’t help raise my actual Woodcutting stat so I don’t need to cut down trees. Instead, it looks like I need to gain some levels because my Woodcutting stat isn’t high enough for me to be able to chop down that Millenial Tree.

Rather than do some pointless grinding by crafting or hunting down monsters, I decided to tick off some of the remaining Quests that I saved for the end game. And if I run out of those, I discovered that getting a Creator-rank Tailor will allow me to make custom versions of those Life-specific clothing that the king gives out to those who achieve a specific rank for any Life (I think it’s Master rank). So yes, there’s still a lot of things to do in this game. I think Fantasy Life, among my other games, will keep me busy until I get my copy of Senran Kagura 2.

And that’s it for this week. Like I said earlier, I’m making room for my eventual Senran Kagura 2 playthrough so I’ll just continue to revisit my older games for the time being.



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