Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.09.19

I don’t want another week to pass by without having a journal entry so I’m writing a quick one about the games that I played in the last few days: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Pokemon Shuffle, and Fantasy Life.

a 3ds - pokemon shuffle

Usually, Pokemon Shuffle has an update every Monday just past noon (in my country). This week’s Monday update was pretty minor, with just one new Pokemon (Diancie) up for grabs. Oh, the Mega Sharpedonite awards were given out and we managed to get it on both our N3DS XL and 2ds devices.

I thought this week was going to be pretty low key, but there was another update earlier today and it’s definitely bigger than the one earlier. Today’s update marked the start of the Mega Charizard event (I knew this was coming!), as well as another new special Pokemon stage (Registeel) and a set of new Main stages. We already caught Registeel on both our devices and have good enough placements for the Mega Charizard event, so that only leaves the new Main stages to tackle. Similar to the previous Main stages, these new ones are hard and the Pokemon that you can catch in them (at least for the first three) are so weak.

The addition of these new Main stages gives me a lot of things to do again; I’m still working on getting enough S-Ranks to unlock the new Expert stages, still leveling up some of the newer Pokemon, and now I have new Main stages to play. I’m not as engaged as I was, but I still find Pokemon Shuffle entertaining enough to keep at it.

a 3ds - batman arkham origins blackgate

I’m finally done with my second playthrough of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. I thought it’d take me at least ten hours but I managed to beat the game again in under eight. Since I’ve already gone through the game once, I was able to easily get past sections that gave me trouble in my initial run. Now that I’ve gone through this game more than once, I have two minor complaints.

My first issue with the game is the way it displays statistics on how much of an area I’ve already explored and how many secrets I’ve already discovered. From what I can tell, these stats only show up when the game automatically points me to an area (a story-driven event). I’m unable to access this information otherwise, which makes it hard to get 100% completion.

The second one is more of a wish than a complaint – I wish the developers had put in some additional gameplay modes to increase the game’s replayability. I liked the combat system of this game but there just wasn’t enough fighting to satisfy me, so I would’ve wanted to see some sort of endless battle mode wherein players would try to last as long as they can while enemies kept spawning. I also would’ve wanted to see a Boss Rush mode where I can go through the boss fights without needing to do a full playthrough. As it stands, I like this game but it definitely feels a bit lacking.

I still have the third secret ending to get, so I’m still going to play Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate at least one more time. I’ll try to get 100% completion on that third playthrough.

a 3ds - fantasy life

Even after beating the main story of Fantasy Life and its Origin Island DLC expansion, there’s still so much to do. And its so easy to lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing. Earlier, I picked up this game again and thought about what I was planning to do. Then I revisited my thought process to figure out why I planned to do that in the first place, and figured out that I needed to do something else first. It’s so confusing. To help myself out, I’m listing my planned order of goals here:

  • I need to find enough Ancient Stone+ items, which can be found in the Ancient Tower.
  • Once I get enough Ancient Stone+ items, I’ll need to forge a Meteor Axe.
  • Once I have a Meteor Axe, I’ll need to improve my Woodcutting level because I need to chop down the Millennial Tree to get a Millennial Branch.
  • Once I have a Millennial Branch, I’m going to craft a Forest Bow. I think its the strongest Bow that can be crafted.
  • Once I have a Forest Bow, I’m going to kill something. I forgot what that is, but I need to hunt it down.

That’s as far as I got. I think I need the Forest Bow to defeat some powerful monster that I couldn’t defeat before, but I can’t remember what it was or why I need to defeat that monster. There’s just so much that you can do in this game, it’s so easy to get lost. Well, I have this list now so I’ll just refer to this journal entry if I forget what I was supposed to do again.

And that’s it for this week’s entry. I think I’ll be getting Senran Kagura 2 soon, so I’m just going to switch between my palate cleansers to keep my plate free. Some shameless self-promotion in case anyone is interested – I’m doing most of my non-journal entry posts to so if you like reading my stuff, you can get it there. Until next time!


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