Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.08.24

Since beating The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D the previous week, I’ve been playing several different video games while I’m deciding on which major title to revisit. For today, I’ll talk about Pokemon Shuffle, Fantasy Life, Brain Age: Concentration Training, 3D Streets of Rage 2, 3D Classics: Twin Bee, and 3D Gunstar Heroes.

a 3ds - pokemon shuffle

After the grueling experience of playing Pokemon Safari stages over and over and over again trying to catch Phione, I’ve been taking it easy with Pokemon Shuffle. It helps that the new Pokemon of the new main stages are mostly weak and not worth chasing after, in my opinion, so I’m just leisurely playing through them. I’ve already caught all of the new Pokemon from these additional main stages on my XL but have a few more to catch on my girlfriend’s 2DS. The next goal for us would be to get enough S-Ranks and catch those Pokemon from the EX Stages – my girlfriend hasn’t even caught Genesect on hers yet.

The update released earlier this week is also very low-key – the return of the Mega Venusaur event. Great for those who missed on getting Venusaur’s Mega Stone the first time around, also good for those who want to take a breather from this game. So yeah, it’s chillax mode for us right now, grinding for Coins or EXP while we await the next big Pokemon Shuffle event.

a 3ds - fantasy life



I mentioned figuring out this Street Pass exploit in order to get additional items in Fantasy Life a couple of weeks back, and you know what? It isn’t working all that well for me, primarily because the items that I need in the game are rare components that are only available once you get the Origin Island add-on DLC, and I don’t want to do that for my New 3DS XL. If I try to give these rare components as a gift, the game won’t allow you to receive it, saying that you’re not strong enough to use it. So I guess I’m still going to have to do some grinding in order to get everything that I need.

I was able to play my 2DS Fantasy Life save last week and managed to get Creator rank for the Tailor Life. So now I’ve gotten it for at least four Lives – Tailor, Carpenter, Hunter, Blacksmith. I vaguely remember getting Creator rank on other Lives but I don’t have access to my 2DS as I’m writing this.

Anyway, what matters is that there are still a couple of tasks to shoot for in this game – Creator ranks for the other Lives await me, and there are some special Quests that get unlocked for each Life and I know I haven’t managed to beat any of those that I have access to now. I also haven’t gotten to the end of any of the special Towers. I guess the question is, is it time to revisit Fantasy Life now? I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back into RPG grinding on a fulltime basis. I’ll figure that out once I’m done with these other games that I’m going to talk about next.

a 3ds - brain age concentration training

It’s amazing that I’ve been playing Brain Age: Concentration Training everyday for almost 40 days now. Every single day I’ve plopped in this cartridge, signed my “attendance”, and actually played at least one training exercise. And yet I still don’t have everything unlocked!

The thing about Brain Age: Concentration Training is that it’s not one game that’s fun and intriguing. It’s a collection of different mini games and mental exercises that aren’t all fun but there’s a few that’s definitely going to catch one’s attention. I’ve got my personal favorites and my girlfriend has hers. We sometimes play a lot of these exercises, we sometimes play a few. But we’ve played this game enough to justify my purchase of it. Brain Age: Concentration Training was not a waste of my money.

a 3ds - 3d classics twin bee

I’ve been doing some retrogaming of sorts lately as a break from all these modern-ish games, and that means I played more of 3D Classics: Twin Bee last week. This time around, I’m more serious about it, and I managed to make it to Stage 2-5, racking up a high score of 2,706,800 points in the process. My girlfriend saw me playing this game and she recalls playing this a lot too back when she was still a kid, so it looks like we’ve got another game that she can try and hopefully enjoy enough to play every now and then.

Now I mentioned getting to Stage 2-5… Stage 2 is actually, at least at first glance, a repeat of all the Stage 1 levels. So now I’m wondering if 3D Classics: Twin Bee has a real ending to it, or if its one of those old games that go on indefinitely and all you’re really doing is trying to get as high of a score as you can. Hmm, I need to look that up before I spend any more significant time on this.

a 3ds - 3d streets of rage 2

Continuing this retrogaming activity, I tried my hand at 3D Streets of Rage 2 again and was more successful this time around. Mindful of the game’s difficulty, I started playing a little more wisely and managed to beat the game on Normal with 9 lives to start with using both Axel and Blaze, the returning protagonists of the first game. I’m looking to beat the game on Normal with Skate and Max, the new characters, and once I’ve done that I’ll take on Rage Relay mode again. This is such a fun little game that you can get for a friendly price.

a 3ds - 3d gunstar heroes

To be honest, I really wasn’t intent on purchasing 3D Gunstar Heroes, but the affordable price and me hearing about this game so many times got me to pull the trigger on a purchase. And… well, it’s not as timeless as 3D Streets of Rage 2 in my opinion, but it still manages to hold its own.

Similar with beat ’em up games, I think run-and-gun games are a lost video game genre – do you still see games like Contra or Metal Slug getting released nowadays? Maybe on the indie gaming scene, but not as mainstream releases. Which is why I don’t regret getting a copy of this game – everyone needs a Metal Slug-type of game in their collection, and 3D Gunstar Heroes fits that role perfectly.

And that’s it for today. I was supposed to start my replay sessions last week but these 3D remastered versions of older games have been keeping me busy and it looks like they’ll continue to keep me busy this week. We’ll see if my video game rotation changes in my next journal entry.


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