Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.07.09

There was a big Pokemon Shuffle update released earlier this week that I want to talk about for this journal entry. I also want to share additional details about The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move that I wasn’t able to last time.

a 3ds - pokemon shuffle

Before we get to the Pokemon Shuffle update that was released this week, I want to mention something that I didn’t know about the Mega Manectric event that I only learned after posting my previous journal entry. When I read the details of the Mega Manectric event, I only paid attention to the rank that I needed to hit in order to qualify for Manectric’s Mega Stone. Turns out that there were additional prizes on top of the Mega Stone – if you get a score that belongs in the top 40,000 you get the Manectite, but if you manage to land in the top 20,000 you can get an additional Mega Start. If you manage to land in the top 6,000 though, you’ll get a Mega Speedup. Free Mega Starts are handy, but they can be bought using 2,000 Coins. Mega Speedups can only be won via events like these and are permanent buffs so I’d say it’s worth chasing after them

Remember what I said about changing my approach to these events? Well, I threw as many Coins as I could at this and ended up only needing two attempts for both mine and my girlfriend’s Pokemon Shuffle profiles in order to get a ranking that’s within the top 6,000. Our ranking held up so we won both the Manectite and the Mega Speedup without needing to keep replaying the event. And despite being another mega-evolving Electric type, Mega Manectric is actually better than Mega Ampharos – Manectric has a weaker base Attack Power, but it’s got a more useful standard ability and mega ability so I’m glad to add it to my options.

Last week, I was expecting a big update for this week given that the previous events would all end at the same time, and I was right. This week’s update included a new set of Daily Pokemon to catch, an additional two special Pokemon (Tepig and Jiraichi), and a new set of Main Stages. Tepig is pretty much similar to previous special Pokemon in that you have 14 days to catch it, but the update did specifically say that its Mega Stone would be released in August so that makes this worth catching, but it’s base Attack Power is a little weak. Daily Pokemon are usually weak and so far I haven’t seen any of them worth noting, but more Pokemon to catch in this game is always good.

Jiraichi marks the return of another event type that I dislike a lot – like Pinsir, you’re only allowed to play Jiraichi’s stage once per day. I think the Jiraichi stage will only be available for a week, so you only have seven chances to catch it. I ended up spending a lot of Coins for power-ups to guarantee a high catch rate, then ended up spending more on Great Balls. I caught Jiraichi on my profile after one attempt and did the same on my girlfriend’s profile, but it cost me a lot of coins in the process. Aside from not missing out on any limited Pokemon yet, Jiraichi is a worthwhile addition to my growing collection of Pokemon. It has an Attack Power of 70 at Level 1 and it’s the first Pokemon to have the Mega Boost+ ability so it is definitely a must-catch.

As mentioned above, this week’s update included a new set of Main Stages. This means more Pokemon to catch, but more importantly this means that there are more opportunities to get S-Ranks. I’ve caught most of them already so far they’ve either decent or really good – most of them have a Level 1 Attack Power of 70, so I’m sure these new Pokemon will be somewhat useful later on. More importantly, we finally have a new Mega stage and this time around, we’re getting a Bug-type Pokemon in the form of Mega Heracross. The Bug-types got a serious boost with this update!

This week’s update happened at just the right time for me – I’ve already caught Genesect and Delphox and only have Chesnaught and Greninja left to catch. On my girlfriend’s profile, we already unlocked Genesect’s EX stage. That leaves only a few things left to do on both profiles. This update gives us a new set of stages to play and new Pokemon to catch.

a 3ds - minis on the move

Right now I’m playing the Many Mini Mayhem mode which follows similar puzzle mechanics – the goal still involves creating a path from the starting point to the end point. However, this mode has two big changes to the mechanics that really changes the way the levels are played. First, as the name of the mode denotes, you’re creating a path for more than just one mini. Second, the puzzle pieces are already on the board – all you have to do is arrange them accordingly.

Both Mario’s Main Event and Puzzle Palace already make use of a puzzle piece that I’d like to refer to as a swivel piece – it’s an L-shaped piece that you can rotate as long as there are no minis on it. In the first few levels of Many Mini Mayhem, all you can do is turn these swivel pieces in such a way that all the minis can make their way to the end point. I thought the entire mode would revolve around these swivel pieces, but I haven’t even gotten past Level 10 and I’ve already encountered puzzles wherein you can move the standard pieces to different positions as well.

I’m surprised that Nintendo was able to squeeze three different ways to play using these basic path-laying puzzle mechanics. I’m not sure if the last mode is going to show a fourth way of playing this game. I’ve still got more than 50 puzzles left to solve in the Many Mini Mayhem mode and an entire fourth mode I’ve yet to even try, so it looks like Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move is going to last a long time as one of the secondary games in my regular rotation.

a 3ds - zelda majoras mask 3d

I think I’ve found my sweet spot when it comes to playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. I’ve been making some good progress, having completed several sub quests in the amount of free time that I’ve managed to scrounge up. I’ve also completed the requirements for unlocking the second temple, so all I need is to find is a free hour or two to get through this temple without any interruptions.

I thought I had more to say about The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, but now that I’m here writing this post, there’s really not much else to talk about other than Majora’s Mask 3D definitely feels like an improved version of Ocarina of Time 3D. It has the same graphics engine and uses the same models and yet still looks much better than its predecessor. I’m glad The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D got remade for this generation because this is a game that anyone who owns a Nintendo 3DS should experience.


And that’s it for today. Now that I’m writing about my progress and my regular game rotation, I feel that I’m a little more organized when it comes to allotting time for my games. This might be my last journal entry for some time as I see myself playing the same four/five games for several weeks, but we’ll see if I can manage a few more blog posts in the next couple of days.


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