Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.06.23

I was able to start my playthrough of the single player campaign for IronFall Invasion so I’ll be talking about that today. As scheduled, there was another Pokemon Shuffle update yesterday and I’ll talk about that too, as well as share a few updates on Mario Kart 7.

a 3ds - pokemon shufflePokemon Shuffle

The Mega Blastoise event ended yesterday and as expected, both my girlfriend and I got our participation prize (one Jewel). The update yesterday came with another new Pokemon up for grabs (Manaphy, another Water-type Pokemon) as well as the return of the Pokemon Safari event. I don’t know if I’ve talked about Pokemon Safari before, but I’ll say this – this event type is probably my second least favorite, and here’s why.

Pokemon Safari involves a stage wherein you battle one Pokemon out  of a group of five randomly. The goal of the event is to get players to use their preferred team without help from the Optimize function and without knowing what Pokemon type they’re going to be up against. This concept may seem fine in theory but in practice, because there’s no way to choose which Pokemon to battle, what happens is players end up wasting Hearts on Pokemon that they’ve already captured.

Thankfully, the Pokemon Safari event lasts for two weeks, so there’s plenty of time for players to get through these battles and capture all five Pokemon involved. Still, it’s a big waste of Hearts that could’ve been used for earning more coins, experience, or getting more S-Ranks. In order to get this event out of the way, my girlfriend and I ended up spending lots of coins on Great Balls just so we can be done with this event as soon as possible. We ended up catching all five on Day 2. So now it’s back to collecting Coins, training our strongest Pokemon, and getting more S-Ranks.

a 3ds - ironfall invasionIronFall Invasion

I purchased both the Single player and Multiplayer modes of IronFall Invasion, and I finally got the chance to play the Single player campaign last week. IronFall Invasion puts you in the shoes of Jim Woper, a soldier working to stop alien robots collectively known as Dyxides from invading the Earth. I haven’t gotten far enough in the game to comment on the game’s story, but at this point the game hasn’t hooked me yet.

That doesn’t mean that IronFall Invasion is a bad game, it’s actually pretty decent. Visually, the game is stunning – IronFall Invasion is one of my go-to games whenever I want to demo the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. The 3D effect works quite nicely, but I do find myself turning it off completely during intense moments as quick movements still results in momentary blurred graphics, even on the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The game’s mechanics are solid, especially the controls. I have to admit though, that IronFall Invasion shows how ineffective the C-Stick is for anything that requires precision, like aiming.

Right now, I’d say that IronFall Invasion warrants a purchase simply because there are very few first-/third person shooters available on the Nintendo 3DS, and certainly nothing that allows up to 6 players to play together whether online or locally. Is the single player campaign worth buying? I’ll find out soon.

a 3ds - mario kart 7Mario Kart 7

I recently achieved the Two-Star rank in Mario Kart 7, so right now there are only two other goals left for me in this game: Getting Three-Star status, and unlocking the Gold Kart customization piece.

I can get the Gold Kart via two methods: by obtaining a VR (Virtual Rank) of 10,000 points or higher or by collecting a total of 20,000 coins. The VR goal isn’t really feasible for me right now because I can’t play online regularly due to the lack of a reliable internet connection where I live, so my only option is to amass the needed 20,000 coins. Unfortunately, I only have between 7,000 and 8,000 coins, so getting the Gold Kart will take me a really long time.

In order to get a Three-Star rank, I’ll need to receive a three star ranking in all the cups in the game. There are four standard racing modes in Mario Kart 7, three of which are based on how fast the races are – 50 CC is the slowest, followed by 100 CC and the fastest at 150 CC. The fourth mode, Mirror, is a special 150 CC mode wherein all the courses are reversed (hence the term “mirror”). There are eight cups total, each with four courses, and I’ll need to earn a three star rank in each cup for each mode before I see those three gold stars beside my profile name.

Here’s where I stand so far – I already have three stars on all eight cups in 50 CC, only two stars for all the cups in 100 CC, three stars on only one cup in 150 CC, and three stars on two cups in Mirror mode. So I need to get three stars in 21 different cups on all the available modes. Earlier today, I got closer to my end goal by getting a three star rank in Mushroom Cup for 100 CC – not much progress, but it’s still progress.

I’m not looking to get the Three-Star rank any time soon as I already have a lot of games in regular rotation, but this is definitely something that I can consider as a long term goal.


And that’s it for today. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to get through IronFall Invasion. Pokemon Shuffle looks like it’s going to remain in my regular rotation for quite some time, and I’m very far away from completing all the puzzles in Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move. I’ve also been giving Super Smash Bros. some time because of Ryu and my Mega Man amiibo, so it looks like it’s going to take a while before I can get to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Which is perfect for me because I won’t be able to add any new titles to my collection until August. Until next time!


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