In the Crosshairs – Dementium Remastered

Every now and then, there’s an announcement of the release of a new 3DS game that I’m interested in getting. Because I’m retiring my Buy List series of articles for the time being, I’m replacing it with a new series of articles where I get to share my thoughts on these new 3DS game announcements and why they got my attention. Today, I’m going to talk about the remastered edition of Dementium for the 3DS.


I like playing scary video games. A lot of my most memorable video game experiences involve a scary video game moment – exploring those underground caves in Thief: The Dark Project, walking down that long corridor with the zombified dogs in the first Resident Evil game, my character’s head falling off without warning in Eternal Darkness, hearing footsteps via my earphones in The Nameless Game – I’ll never forget all those memories. And that’s why I’ve been looking forward to the 3DS remastered version of Dementium ever since I first caught news of it.

Originally released for the Nintendo DS under the title Dementium: The Ward, this game first caught my attention when I looked at different lists of good/great Nintendo DS games. When I first got my Nintendo 2DS, I was thinking of tracking down good Nintendo DS games that I missed out on, but because there were a lot of better 3DS games available I decided to just skip out on the Nintendo DS experience.

Playing the fan-translated version of The Nameless Game reacquainted me with the joys of playing horror games but there just weren’t any good ones for the Nintendo 3DS. Resident Evil: Revelations is an excellent game but it always felt more of an action shooter game. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir looked interesting but had too many negative reviews for me to seriously consider. Starship Damrey was positively received but was renowned for being too short and lacking replay value.

I contemplated on getting a copy of Dementium: The Ward and its sequel Dementium II. I also kept an eye out for any news about new survival horror games for the 3DS. Thankfully, there was an announcement last December about an enhanced re-release of Dementium for the 3DS, so I don’t have to bother looking for copies of the DS versions to get my survival horror fix.

Beyond being just a survival horror game, Dementium Remastered looks like it’s going to be a great game. There have been a lot of positive things that were said about Demention: The Ward – good graphics, awesome sound, and good gameplay mechanics. Most of the negative feedback that I’ve seen about it are about its save system. In Dementium: The Ward you can save and load your game from any point. However, if you get killed, you will be forced to continue from the start of the chapter that you got killed in. The game will automatically clear your save data, forcing you to replay everything from the beginning of the chapter until the point that you died. Not a lot of information has been released about Dementium Remastered but it has been said that the game’s developers are planning to address this.

If everything works out, Dementium Remastered will be an improved version of a game that had been praised for good gameplay and an atmosphere that will provide the scares that I’ve been wanting to experience. Better graphics and sound, the same gameplay mechanics and a fixed save system – there’s no reason for me not to get this game when it comes out. Oh, and I failed to mention this – Dementium Remastered is digital-only, but I won’t mind it at all if it reaches its potential. Of all the games I’ve written about in my In The Crosshairs series of posts, this is the only one that I’m really, really serious about getting.

Unfortunately, Dementium Remastered was supposed to be released in Q2 of this year, but it’s already May and there hasn’t been any news about this game since the initial announcement. All I can do right now is wait patiently for its release.

Dementium Remastered is definitely in my radar, and I think other people should also be watching out for this. Like I said earlier, there aren’t any good survival horror games on the 3DS – Dementium Remastered has the potential to be the best in that genre and the only one really worth playing.


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