Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.05.25

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post so I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to talk about. Today, I’ll share a few updates on Dillon’s Rolling Western, Pokemon Shuffle, Super Smash Bros., Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move and Weapon Shop de Omasse.

a 3ds - pokemon shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle

So I got a few things wrong. The previous update only had 10 Main stages and didn’t lead up to a new Mega Pokemon. The additional stages were interesting though and some of the new Pokemon were actually viable, so I was quite happy with the update.

The Regirock Great Challenge was a pain in the ass though. The event isn’t even over yet, but both my girlfriend and I got tired of having to fight Regirock over and over, we ended up spending Coins on items and Great Balls. It was much worse for my girlfriend, who ended up having to spend more than 20,000 Coins due to Regirock‘s atrocious catch rates. That event kind of killed Pokemon Shuffle for her, so right now I’m taking care of both our copies.

Since my last post, there have been a couple of new updates. The first one involved a new set of Daily Challenges. Similar to the Rotom challenges, there’s around five or six new Pokemon that can be caught each day, and unlike the Pinsir challenge, there are no limits this time around. This coincided with another Mega Event but rather than have a new Mega Stone up for grabs, the developers put up a Lucarionite as a reward again which I think is great because this gives people who are new to the game an opportunity to have Lucario’s Mega Stone. This Mega Stone is quite handy since there are no other Fighting types in the game that can Mega Evolve right now.

Those events already ended, and I managed to snag two Jewels for placing into the top 30,000 (without really trying) plus a Complexity -1 power up that should be handy in the future. Today, a new Pokemon was offered up for grabs in celebration for Pokemon Shuffle reaching four million downloads.

To be honest, I’m actually a little burned out from all the limited time events that have come out one after the other, so I’m taking this opportunity to have a breather and just take it easy with Pokemon Shuffle.

a 3ds - super smash bros

Super Smash Bros.

Just this weekend, I was able to play Super Smash Bros. with a friend of mine. We ended up playing Team Smash battles against both my Toon Link and Mega Man amiibos, which handed us our asses more than I could count. We eventually won after discovering that if we took out Mega Man first, the Toon Link AI would transfer one of its stock and get Mega Man back into the fight. Oh yeah, I haven’t had the chance to train Mega Man as much as I did Toon Link, so its AI is not that strong.

On a related note, training and configuring my Mega Man amiibo made me realize that the game has some really cool custom moves for each character. I’ve been ignoring all those because I originally planned to play competitively and I assumed that customization would result in some broken/cheesy combinations (hello Mii Brawler) but then I saw Mega Man‘s alternate specials. I just might play around with this a little more if I ever find the time.

Last update about Super Smash Bros. – I finally attained two of the remaining five Challenges by beating All Star Mode with all characters and once on Hard difficulty. That leaves me with what I think are the three hardest Challenges to attain. So there’s still a few things left for me to do in this game.


a 3ds - dillons rolling western

Dillon’s Rolling Western

After a month of playing this game, I finally beat Dillon’s Rolling Western last week. I’d like to share a few more final thoughts about this game, the first of which involves the general difficulty of this game. Dillon’s Rolling Western is challenging but it’s not impossible. Anyone who wants to try this should be prepared to lose every so often and not give up right away, especially on their first attempt at any of the stages past the fourth. But it does get easier once you’ve seen the attack patterns of the Grocks and the stage layouts.

And if you’re still having trouble with Dillon’s Rolling Western, there’s actually a mechanic in the game that I wasn’t aware of until after I started visiting message boards about the game. Part of the challenge of each stage is that on the first try, the money that you start with is fixed to a certain amount, so you only have so much you can spend on towers and items. If you fail to complete a stage twice, you’ll be given the option to increase your starting money, which really helps. This mechanic should make the game more accessible to casual players, but if you’re the type of person who wants to rise up to the challenge, you can simply decline the option.

The final stage of this game was awesome. I didn’t expect for this game to have a final boss, but the game does hint at it on the first day so it gives players the time to prepare. I don’t want to spoil the boss battle, so I’ll just say that it was very intense.

I also want to mention that Dillon’s Rolling Western offers some replay value. You can earn anywhere from one to five stars for each stage, and you can unlock a hidden feature if you manage to get five stars on all ten stages, so it is something that’s worth revisiting. Right now though, I’m considering myself done with this game so I can start playing something else. I really enjoyed playing this game. Combining tower defense elements with action adventure mechanics made for a unique experience.

One final note about Dillon’s Rolling Western – it’s a screen protector killer. The game is so intense, I actually found myself digging hard into the touchscreen with the stylus. I just had screen protectors put on my New 3DS XL last February and the one on the touchscreen is already scratched up because of this game. Anyone who wants to play this should definitely have their lower screen screen-protected.

a 3ds - minis on the move

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

For a change of pace, I decided to start playing Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, which is generally a puzzle game. There are four Main Game modes, and I’ve already played two: Mario’s Main Event and Puzzle Palace.

There are some variations between the modes but the core puzzle mechanic involves setting a path for MinisLego-like toy representations of different Mario characters that walk forward automatically – so that they can get to the starting point to a goal. Creating the path involves placing tiles with differently shaped path parts – horizontal and vertical straight paths, intersections, and ninety degree turns. Each stage also has three coins that can be collected as a secondary objective – collecting all three earns you a Star, which in turn goes toward unlocking additional game modes and toys for an in-game gallery.

Mario’s Main Event is a mode that adds several time restrictions to the challenge of solving these puzzles. The Mini walks forward perpetually and will start moving either as soon as a path has been laid out in front of it or after a certain amount of time. Once it starts moving, it will fall off the puzzle if it doesn’t have a path to walk on. The tiles also appear in a certain section that can only hold up to five tiles, and tiles will keep dropping (a la Tetris) so if that section is filled up you fail the puzzle. Initially, there are a total of sixty puzzles in this mode, and you get to unlock ten puzzles at a time. I breezed through those in just a few days, which unlocked the Expert puzzles of which I think there are ten more.

I’m playing through Puzzle Palace right now, and what makes it different from Mario’s Main Event is there’s no time restriction. Instead, you have a set number of tiles per puzzle and you’re limited to using those to form your path.

It’s too early to say any more, but at this point I’ve been enjoying Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move so far. Solving a puzzle in this game usually takes me between less than a minute to maybe ten minutes if I get stuck, so I’m avoiding just blasting through this and am saving it for those small pockets of free time that I have that doesn’t go to Pokemon Shuffle.

a 3ds - weapon shop de omasse
Weapon Shop de Omasse

I needed a game that isn’t a puzzler to keep me occupied for longer periods of time. Initially I was thinking of playing IronFall: Invasion, but after the intensity of Dillon’s Rolling Western I decided to play something a little lighter, so I went for Weapon Shop de Omasse instead. I’ve already written a lot for this post so I’ll save my thoughts on this game for a later post. For now, all I can say is this game is a little different from the usual fare.
So my current rotation involves cycling between two puzzle games and I play Weapon Shop de Omasse any time I can play for longer durations. This is a little breather for me; I have IronFall: Invasion and Majora’s Mask 3D waiting for me once I’m done with Weapon Shop de Omasse. That’s all I want to share for now – until next time!


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