Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.04.30

I’m still playing Dillon’s Rolling Western and Pokemon Shuffle, so I’m still going to talk about these games. I bought a Toon Link Amiibo two days ago though, so I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros. again and I also want to share a few thoughts about that as well.

a 3ds - dillons rolling western

Dillon’s Rolling Western

To provide more context about my experience with Dillon’s Rolling Western, let me give more details about how it’s played. Basically, each stage in Dillon’s Rolling Western represents a small town or village that you need to save, and you have to defend it against three waves of Grocks which are represented in days.

How you do on the first day influences what you have to work with on the second day – you get to carry over any remaining towers on the succeeding day, as well as the money that you earn and manage to save up. So if you do really well on the first day you’ll have more money that you can use on the second day, as well as more towers for your defense.

So I’m already at the seventh stage, and while I did relatively well with the first day of that stage, I botched the second day quite badly. I lot of my towers got destroyed, and I don’t have as much money left over as I could have. Because of that, I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting past my third day on that stage. I’ve already tried at least three times and have continued to fail.

To make matters worse, I’m really starting to see why Dillon’s Rolling Western got negative feedback for lacking an option to choose a more comfortable control scheme. Dillon’s Rolling Western requires heavy use of the stylus which means that I have to hold the New Nintendo 3DS XL with just my left hand most of the time. I mentioned before that I can’t play this game for long periods of time; this issue is much worse now that I’m feeling the pressure of having to play a difficult stage.

The last time I felt this way was when I was still trying to beat the last level of Liberation Maiden on it’s hardest difficulty. And you know what? Liberation Maiden also requires heavy use of the stylus, and my frustration also stems from having to hold my Nintendo 2DS (which is considerably lighter and more comfortable to hold than the New Nintendo 3DS XL) with my left hand while having to deal with a difficult level.

I haven’t given up on Dillon’s Rolling Western though, and my opinion of the game hasn’t really changed. I still find it enjoyable, I just can’t play it while lying down on my back and can’t play it for prolonged periods of time. I’m a little worried though – there are still three stages to go in the game, and I’m already having trouble with the stage that I’m at. I hope the next stages aren’t too hard, because I don’t want to give up on this game.

a 3ds - pokemon shuffle
Pokemon Shuffle

Some time after I posted my previous journal entry I managed to earn the 150 S Ranks needed to unlock the Mewtwo Expert stage, so that’s one item crossed off my task list. I’ve been working on getting an S Rank in the Togekiss stage (a Fairy type Pokemon) and in essence, I’ve been training my anti-Fairy Pokemon team in preparation for beating and catching Xerneas, which addresses two other items on my task list.

Well, the developers of the game launched the Mega Banette event just a few hours ago, so that changes things. Similar to the previous Mega events, I basically have seven days to get a high score and stay in the top 20,000 of the overall high score rankings in order to get Banette‘s mega stone.

Because of the Mega Banette event, I’m putting a hold on training my anti-Fairy Pokemon team. I don’t mind though, for two reasons. First, Mega Banette is a Ghost type Pokemon, which is weak to other Ghost types as well as Dark types. Incidentally, Psychic types are also weak against Ghost and Dark types so I’m essentially preparing against both Mega Banette and Mewtwo (Psychic type). Second, this event is helping keep my interest in Pokemon Shuffle high. Having a new goal to aim for in the game is simply a breath of fresh air. This is the third Mega event that I’ve experienced in the game, I hope I do well enough and end up going three-for-three, because I really don’t want to miss out on anything that this game has to offer.

a 3ds - super smash bros

Super Smash Bros.

When the first wave of Amiibo came out, I got myself a Link Amiibo because he’s my favorite Nintendo character (and my favorite video game character, period). I planned on using him as my Figure Player for Super Smash Bros. but when I finally got my New Nintendo 3DS XL, I decided against opening the package that the figure came in. The Link Amiibo figure is slender and I’m afraid of breaking one of its limbs or it breaking off of it’s base in my bag if I brought it along with me, so I just kept it in it’s package.

I then decided to get a Mega Man Amiibo when that came out because the Mega Man figure had stubby appendages and stood firmly on it’s base, but stocks ran out as soon as that was released where I am. Finally, I decided on getting the Toon Link Amiibo instead. While not as tough looking as Mega Man, Toon Link looks durable enough for me to feel secure about it not breaking apart.

So I immediately started training my Toon Link Amiibo, and let me say that it’s been quite entertaining. I started off doing a few one on one matches with the Amiibo AI and it’s fun to see the AI improve and actually mirror my attack patterns. Or at least, that’s how it looked like.

In retrospect, I’m glad that I ended up buying a Toon Link Amiibo. The grown up version of Link has always been my main Smash Bros. character since the days of Super Smash Bros. Melee, and seeing Toon Link emulate my attack style kind of feels like having my own little apprentice.

This fun little feature has also gotten me to play Super Smash Bros. again. I stopped playing the game after I moved, primarily because I don’t have a reliable internet connection at my new home and am now unable to play Super Smash Bros. online. Training my Toon Link Amiibo has also given me an additional reason to keep playing the much-maligned Smash Run feature of Super Smash Bros. just to get extra equipment (for feeding Toon Link).

I thought that I’d want to buy a new game after beating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, but these games are really keeping me occupied. With the way things are going, it’s looking more like I won’t need to buy any new games until August. Oh well, we’ll see.


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