Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.03.15

Here’s an update on the games that I’ve been playing heavily recently: Crimson ShroudPokemon ShuffleConception 2, and Bomberman Land Touch 2.

Bomberman Land Touch 2

My girlfriend got hooked on Bomberman Land Touch 2 several weeks ago and we’ve been playing it as a team on and off for quite some time, but we played this A LOT in the past couple of days. Now, there are several different game modes in Multiplayer, but we’ve been playing the Blocks mode. In Blocks, we’re basically a pair competing against three other AI-controlled pairs. Each game round lasts two minutes, and in order to win a round we have to have the most number of blocks of our color by the end of the two minutes.

She also plays Bomberman Land Touch 2 a lot on her own, and I’m proud to say that she’s really become very good at it. She’s able to pull off wins in Blocks against AI opponents set at Hard, and at this point she’s contributed more than I have when it comes to winning at Multiplayer.

I’m really glad to see her play something else other than Tokyo Crash Mobs or Plants vs Zombies 2, and I’m glad that she’s into a game that we can play as a couple. It’s a nice way to pass the time, and it puts us in a situation where we’d have to coordinate and work together.

Pokemon Shuffle

I finally got past Mega Mawile, the Pokemon opponent at Stage 90 of Pokemon Shuffle earlier today. It took a few days of grinding and leveling up several Pokemon, several +5 Move power ups, and luck. Now, I already have more than 100 Pokemon captured and so far, most battles have been manageable. There’s a total of 160 Pokemon in the game so I already have more than half of them.

I have Pokemon Shuffle installed in both my New Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS and I’ve been playing it on both, but my girlfriend started to get the hang of the game and is now playing it on the 2DS. She likes it now and switches between this and Bomberman Land Touch 2, but now she’s at Stage 90 and can’t beat Mega Mawile. I’ve been trying to give her advice and some gameplay tips but it’s really going to take a lot of grinding and leveling up, I’m not sure if she’s got the patience for it. I hope she doesn’t lose interest.

Crimson Shroud

I’m now on my second playthrough of Crimson Shroud. Why? Spoiler alert – the game is set up in such a way that you’ll have to do a minimum of two playthroughs before you can view the real ending. So I’ve been playing Crimson Shroud whenever I can, trying to get through it as fast as possible.

My problem is Crimson Shroud is installed on our Nintendo 2DS, and since getting our New Nintendo 3DS XL I’ve been leaving the 2DS at home. So I can only play Crimson Shroud whenever I’m free at home, which doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. The game also becomes harder during the second playthrough, and I hate to admit it but I was stuck on a particularly tough fight for quite a while. There’s something about the story of Crimson Shroud that’s quite intriguing though, so I’m definitely motivated to do whatever it takes to complete the second walkthrough. And what a shocker – I’ve been so enthralled with this game, I’m not even thinking about Ocarina of Time 3D at all.

I’ve been playing Crimson Shroud for a total of more than 12 hours now – I spent just $2.99 on this game, so it’s safe to say that I’ve already gotten my money’s worth and more.

Conception 2

I’ve been very eager to beat Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars but now that I have, I’m surprised to find myself still playing it. While I’m a little interested in getting the other endings, the real reason why I’m still playing this is because I’m hooked on Crimson Shroud at the moment and have nothing else to play (aside from Pokemon Shuffle) whenever I’m using the New 3DS XL. So I’m still playing Conception 2 and leveling up my characters/Star Children whenever I’m not playing Crimson Shroud and/or Pokemon Shuffle. I’m actually at the brink of getting my second ending. I’ll probably give this game a rest once I’m done with Crimson Shroud.


That’s it for today’s update. The way things are going, it really looks like I won’t need to buy any new games for the foreseeable future.


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