Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.02.17

A lot has happened since my last journal entry, the most significant of which was the release of the New Nintendo 3DS XL. We didn’t exactly get the device in our country until a few days later, and after months and months of pining for it I finally have one and I’d like to talk about my first impressions of the device as well as a few other related topics.

First impressions

Several reviews of the New Nintendo 3DS XL were already made available even before the device was released to most of the world and in all reviews that I’ve seen or read, one consistent feedback was that the 3D functionality was definitely improved. This was the feature that I was looking forward to trying out the most and I’m glad to say that the reviewers were right. I love the improved 3D functionality of the New Nintendo 3DS XL and honestly, it adds a lot to the gaming experience. I’ve had a few of my friends and co-workers try the New Nintendo 3DS XL and so far, they’ve all been impressed with the 3D capabilities of the device.

Aside from the improved 3D and functionality of the operating system of the device, it’s not much different from the older 3DS XL model. I got the black version and it looks elegant but easily gets smudges with the slightest touch. The distribution of the weight of the device isn’t as balanced as the 2DS, so it’s not as comfortable for extended lengths of time. The C-Stick worked well but there aren’t enough 3DS games out there that makes good use of it so I can’t really say if I like it or not.

It’s funny, but I’ve wanted to have the New Nintendo 3DS since it was released, and now that I own one I haven’t really had the chance to play it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to spend some more time with it.

My 2DS

Even after getting a New Nintendo 3DS XL, I think I’ll continue to play with my 2DS. I didn’t do a System Transfer for completely non-logical reasons, so the digital games that I bought previously are still saved on it. I have yet to play Crimson Shroud and Weapon Shop de Omasse, I’m still enjoying Pushmo and Liberation Maiden, and I’m still considering doing a playthrough of the three Game Boy Color Legend of Zelda games.  Finally, two of my games have DLCs saved on it. If I want to play Fantasy Life or Fire Emblem Awakening, I’ll have to do it on my 2DS.

I’m supposed to give the 2DS to my girlfriend and have actually updated the device’s profile settings to reflect that, but I think she won’t mind it if I used the 2DS every now and then. In anticipation of that, I redeemed a second copy of Tokyo Crash Mobs as a Club Nintendo reward and installed it on the New 3DS XL so that she can play that whenever I want to use the 2DS.

Club Nintendo Rewards

Speaking of redeeming Club Nintendo rewards, I was finally able to get a few of them now that I own a New Nintendo 3DS XL. Aside from Tokyo Crash Mobs, I downloaded Flipnote Studios 3D (which I think is free for all Club Nintendo members), Dillon’s Rolling Western, and Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move. While I earned Club Nintendo coins by buying brand new games instead of used games, it still feels nice to be able to get new games without spending additional money.

I have 175 coins left so I can redeem one more game, but I’m waiting a few days to see if I can earn enough coins from redeeming this rewards – I can only afford to redeem a game worth 150 coins right now, but if I earn enough to get me 200 coins, I’ll have more options. If I don’t make it to 200 coins, I might get 3D Classics Twin Bee as my last Club Nintendo reward.

With these new games, the other digital games that I haven’t gotten around to playing, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, I have enough games to get me through a good part of 2015 without needing to buy new games, and I’m not even counting the older games that I’m thinking of playing a second time.

That’s it for now. I’ve said this before several months ago and I still feel the same way today so I’ll say it again – it’s a good time to be a Nintendo fan.


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