Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.01.30

Today, I’ll be talking about Etrian Odyssey Untold, Fantasy Life, and my chase for Club Nintendo Platinum Status.

Etrian Odyssey Untold

I finally beat Etrian Odyssey Untold a few days ago and I can say that I enjoyed this game a lot. The story itself is very straightforward, without too many twists or surprises but enough to keep me engaged. What really made the game enjoyable for me was the mapmaking feature – exploring every nook and cranny became rewarding even if I found myself at a dead end simply because I was able to map that corner of the dungeon.

I went into this game blind, not reading much about it aside from reviews, so I was surprised to find out that there were additional stages and quests after you’ve completed it. I tried the additional stages out, but I got stuck on Floor 26 because there’s a really tough monster that’s impeding my progress. Normally I’d just need to do a little grinding to make my characters stronger, but there’s a level cap of 70 and my characters are already at that level. So now, I can’t just level up and beat the tough monster by brute force. At this point, I really don’t know what to do – the monster is resistant to all types of damage save Ice attacks and is able to attack my entire party on each turn. By the third turn, my team is already reeling.

I have limited options right now. I think I’ll try out different item/equipment combinations first, and then I’ll consider doing a stat reset and re-allocate some of my character’s stat points into better skills. But doing a stat reset comes with a penalty of 2 levels so I’ll need to get them back up to level 70. If I still fail, I might need to do another stat reset. Geez, I don’t know if all this trouble is worth it, so I’m not sure if I’ll continue to invest time in this game especially since I have other games waiting to be played. I’m not even completely done with Fire Emblem Awakening and Fantasy Life yet.

Fantasy Life

Speaking of Fantasy Life, I’ve still got A LOT of things to do with this game. I spent a little time with it and finally completed one of the trials of the Ancient Tower (the toughest dungeon in the game if you bought the DLC), the Trial of Time. And I managed to get to the end and beat the final boss using less than 10 Life potions, so I don’t know if that’s an achievement or what. There are two trials left to conquer, and of the 12 “Lives” available, I’ve already gotten the highest rank in four. Fantasy Life is still a good time waster, I think I’ll continue to play this game every now and then.

Chasing Platinum

Last week, I wrote that I needed 55 coins to get Platinum Status. Well, I finally bought Conception 2 and registered it, but I miscalculated and only got 40 coins. Turns out that buying a retail version of Conception 2 will only get you 30 coins, so I only gained 40 coins total thanks to the Intent to Buy bonus. That left me 15 coins short, so I ended up buying another eShop game – a puzzle game called Color Zen for less than $3.

Color Zen is now registered too, giving me an additional 5 coins. I’m now just 10 coins short, and I’m eagerly awaiting the Post Play surveys that come up seven days after registering a new game. If I get Post Play surveys for both games, I’ll get an additional 20 coins and Platinum Status with it.

I’m really excited for the rewards. If history holds true, Nintendo’s going to offer special rewards for Platinum Status holders, and I’ll be able to spend the 875 coins that I saved up. A 3DS Club Nintendo reward can usually be redeemed for 150 or 200 coins so I can get somewhere between 4 and 6 digital rewards. That’s simply awesome – I’m getting games for free simply because I bought a lot of games since getting my 2DS. I really hope I don’t get disappointed.

So that’s it for today. Next week, it’ll be February, and that means the New Nintendo 3DS XL is coming. Will it arrive here in my country on the announced release date? Will I be able to buy one as soon as it comes out? We’ll see.


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