Gaming Geek’s Log – 2015.01.20

I’m still able to get a lot of gaming done recently despite being busy with non-game related activities, so I’m going to talk about Etrian Odyssey Untold, the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate exclusive demo, and my initial reactions regarding Nintendo ending it’s Club Nintendo rewards program.

Etrian Odyssey Untold

I’m so glad I got this game, I didn’t expect mapmaking to be quite engaging. I’ve actually set aside Fire Emblem Awakening and spent most of my gaming hours on this. At the moment, I’m just powering my way through the random battles, doing the necessary grinding to keep my levels up. I actually built up my team for grinding – I prioritized getting skills that would restore HPs and TPs (the equivalent of “magic points” in this game) during and after battles. This allows me to just keep doing random battle after random battle without needing to go back to town and heal up.

In terms of progress, I’m at a point wherein I feel that everything is coming to a conclusion. At just over 50 hours of gameplay, it feels like it’s coming to an end a little too early. I hope I’m wrong and that there are a few more twists to come my way, because I’m still enjoying this game and I’m just getting the hang of the game’s Grimoire stones system. I just need Etrian Odyssey Untold to last a little while longer because I don’t want to start playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D until after I’ve gotten my New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo

Unlike with the Super Smash Bros. special demo, I didn’t care much for the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo so I wasn’t chasing after demo codes being offered online. But yesterday, I had the chance to try out a few codes that were still being shared, and I luckily found an unused one.

Let me just say this – the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo is awesome. For a demo version, this just has a lot of playable content in it. You have three monsters that you can try to hunt, and you can try 14 different weapon types. The actual hunts aren’t quick – you have a time limit of 25 minutes per hunt and so far I’ve needed at least 15 to 20 minutes on each to succeed. If I try my hand at each of the weapons against each of the monsters, I’d have to do 42 different hunts – that doesn’t count any retries. That’s a lot of play for an app that didn’t cost me anything! And I haven’t even tried local or online multiplayer – I heard that the demo supports online play, so people can really keep playing this demo at no cost whatsoever. This is simply awesome. I wish Nintendo would continue releasing special demos with this amount of playability.

And I wasn’t planning on getting Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate despite all the hype that it’s been getting, but the demo may have convinced me. Let’s see what my state of mind is next month.

The End of Club Nintendo

So Club Nintendo is ending, and I only have until March of this year to get the remaining 55 coins that I need to get Platinum Status. That requires a purchase of one or two games. While there aren’t any announcements yet, I think it’s safe to hope for a special reward for Gold and Platinum members to be released, just like what happened the past few years. I’m that close to getting Platinum Status that it wouldn’t hurt to buy those extra games and earn the few coins that I need. This update essentially forced my hand, so I’m going to pull the trigger on (surprise!) Conception 2. I found someone who was selling a brand new copy at a price that’s around $12 cheaper than if I get a copy from a store.

Why Conception 2 and not Virtue’s Last Reward, which is number one in the last “Buy List” article that I wrote? Well, I filled out an Intent to Buy survey for Conception 2 which should net me an additional 10 coins. If I’m right, I’ll get 40 coins for the game, the additional 10 coins for that Intent to Buy survey that I sent in last year, and an additional 10 coins for the Post Play survey. If I’m wrong and I fall short, I can buy one or two smaller (and cheaper) games on the eShop for that extra 5 or 10 coin bump.

I hope I don’t get disappointed and that there will be special rewards given out later this year but if it doesn’t happen, well, I did plan on getting Conception 2 anyway, so it’s not like I was forced to buy something that I didn’t want. Although to be honest, I wanted to buy The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D next (I didn’t know it would be released as soon as February 13 when I wrote the previous “Buy List” article).

That’s it for today. It’s such an exciting time for Nintendo fans, I’m glad I got on board the 3DS train when I did.


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