Top 20 Most Frequently Played 3DS Games – #2-#5

I’ve always wanted to do a Best of list but I’ve never been qualified for it – I don’t watch enough movies, play enough games, read enough books, etc., to come up with a list that’s valid enough. However, I’ve had my 2DS for more than a year now and I got this idea of talking about the games/apps that I’ve played/used the most during my first year of owning my 2DS, so here I am.

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We already saw at least one game that I played for more than 100 hours in Part 3. In this entry, I’m going to talk about four other games that I’ve already played for more than 100 hours.

Number 5 – Tomodachi Life (105 hours, 40 minutes)

3ds a - tomodachi life

I spent a lot of time on this quirky life simulation game, initially creating avatars for people that I knew in real life. It was very entertaining at first, just observing and looking out for all the different events that randomly happen, but it started to become repetitive at around 80 hours into the game, which resulted in me not playing this as much.

When I started getting Travelers via StreetPass, it reignited my interest in the game and I kept playing until I had my own Traveler – but my interest “died” when my in-game avatar broke up with my girlfriend’s avatar. I still play Tomodachi Life from time to time (usually after getting a StreetPass tag for it), but it doesn’t get as much attention as it did in the first couple of weeks that I got it. While Tomodachi Life is a game that never really ends, I don’t see myself spending a lot of time on it in the future.

Number 4 – Fantasy Life (117 hours, 27 minutes)

3ds a - fantasy life

I started playing Fantasy Life on November 2, and ended up playing it for more than 100 hours in less than two months and even after spending that much time on it, I still have a lot of things to do in the game. The problem is, I think I gave this game too much attention in a short span of time that I’m now quite burned out from playing it. I should note that I wouldn’t have spent over 100 hours on Fantasy Life if I didn’t get the DLC for it.

Fantasy Life is one big list of different tasks/quests/achievements, and what makes it even more daunting to for me right now is that I know that I still have a lot of tedious (I hate to use that word but that’s really how I feel) tasks to accomplish. I haven’t written specifically about this game yet so I’ll talk more about why I find this game quite tedious in detail when I get the chance to do that article.

Fantasy Life still has a lot of play time to offer me, I’m just not that interested in spending all that time on tedious tasks at the moment. I had my fun with this game, and it may become fun for me again in the future after I’ve distanced myself from it for some time, but right now I’m taking a break from this.

Number 3 – Bravely Default (122 hours, 37 minutes)

3ds a - bravely default

Bravely Default was the first RPG that I added to my 3DS game library and it made me want to play RPGs again, after avoiding them for some time. I actually beat this game in just over 100 hours but ended up playing it a bit more to view the in-game cutscenes, the additional AR card scenes (a big thanks to those who scanned the AR cards and put them up online) and even reading all the additional in-game story information.

While I enjoyed Bravely Default a lot when I first played it there isn’t much left to do in the game anymore, and I don’t see any incentive in replaying the game or in getting the highest levels in all of the jobs. I might revisit this game once I get a New Nintendo 3DS to view the “bad ending” but because this game has a “New Game +” feature (a mode that will let you start over without causing you to lose all your levels/items/etc.) I’ll probably be breezing through it. I’m definitely going to rewatch the cutscenes and the good ending once Bravely Second is available to refresh my memory of the game.

Number 2 – Super Smash Bros. (161 hours, 45 minutes)

3ds a - super smash bros

As I said in previous entries, I’m not a fighting game enthusiast but Super Smash Bros. is a very different fighting game and it’s one I actually am good at. I spent hours and hours on this game, either playing it with my StreetPass group during weekends, with my nephew, or fighting against strangers online. 

Real life events have impacted my interest in the game though – I moved and currently don’t have a good enough internet access for online play, and also am unable to attend our weekly StreetPass meetings so I’m playing the single player modes of Super Smash Bros. which isn’t as entertaining as playing it with other people. I still have achievements to complete that will eat up a lot of time like beating All Star mode with all characters and beating Classic mode at the highest difficulty, so I’m definitely going to keep playing this game up until I complete all of the Challenges, at least.

And that’s it for Part 4 of this list. For the last entry, I’ll talk at length about the game that I spent the most amount of time with – can you guess what it is?


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