Top 20 Most Frequently Played 3DS Games – #6-#10

I’ve always wanted to do a Best of list but I’ve never been qualified for it – I don’t watch enough movies, play enough games, read enough books, etc., to come up with a list that’s valid enough. However, I’ve had my 2DS for more than a year now and I got this idea of talking about the games/apps that I’ve played/used the most during my first year of owning my 2DS, so here I am.

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In Part 2, I talked about games that I spent 30-40 hours on. Well, we’re going to see the games that I really spent a lot of time on, with me dropping more than 50 hours on four of these games:

Number 10 – StreetPass Mii Plaza (46 hours, 24 minutes)

3ds a - streetpass mii plaza


StreetPass Mii Plaza isn’t really a complicated or deep game, and yet I can’t help but keep playing it. Before, I was striving for getting unique headgear for my Mii to wear so I played Find Mii a lot, but now I’m playing this game more for Puzzle Swap, which really tickles my completionist bone. Not much to say about this other than I’m still aiming to complete all the puzzle pieces available.

Number 9 – Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (56 hours, 46 minutes)

3ds a - super street fighter iv 3d edition


This is the first fighting game in my 3DS game library, and it’s quite fitting that it’s a Street Fighter game. I have a love/hate relationship with Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – I love being able to use all the special moves thanks to the touchscreen shortcuts which allows me to work on seeing the endings for all of the fighters, but I hate going against other people who constantly spam special moves that are otherwise hard to pull off because of the aforementioned shortcuts.

This game still has a lot of play time to offer – I think I’ve only seen the endings of less than half of the available fighters. And it’s not like the endings are easy to get; despite the touchscreen shortcuts, you still need a good sense of timing and blocking to be able to win all of the matches. Eventually, I’ll be playing this game again.

Number 8 – Tales of the Abyss (70 hours, 36 minutes)

3ds a - tales of the abyss


Is it such a surprise that an RPG is in the upper half of this list? RPGs are known for taking a lot of time to beat, and Tales of the Abyss is no exception. The 70 hours I spent on this was already rushed – I opted not to go for all of the secrets near the end of the game as I was excited to see the story’s resolution. Unfortunately, as with most RPGs, there’s very little incentive to do a second playthrough unless it offers multiple endings – which this game doesn’t. I enjoyed playing Tales of the Abyss but I don’t think I’ll play this any further. Expect this to drop a few spots if I decide to do this series of articles again.

Number 7 – Mario Kart 7 (79 hours, 58 minutes)

3ds a - mario kart 7


I’m actually surprised that Mario Kart 7 ranked so low on this list. This is the second game that I bought and given that this is a multiplayer game with Download Play functionalities, I expected to drop more time on this. I played the hell out of Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Gameboy Advance and Mario Kart: Double Dash on the Gamecube, but this didn’t hold my attention for as long as I thought it would.

There are two factors that caused this, I think. The first is that my nephew never really bought his own copy. He was supposed to but couldn’t due to limited finances, and Mario Kart 7 is really best when played with other players, so I ended up not playing this game as much. The second involves the StreetPass group that I regularly play with – we used to play this a lot, until someone really skilled at the game sapped almost all the fun out of multiplayer races. Anytime anyone says “How about a game of Mario Kart 7?”, the response is a subdued and half-hearted “Sure, why not?”.

Despite that, I still think that this game will get more love in the future, especially when I get a New Nintendo 3DS. The Download Play compatibility will allow me to race against my girlfriend, and this is still a handy game to have for StreetPass meetups. Did I mention that I’m still trying to get a 2 Star rank? There’s that too.

Number 6 – Resident Evil: Revelations (104 hours, 43 minutes)

3ds a - resident evil revelations


Resident Evil: Revelations is the very first game that I bought for the 3DS, and I still play and enjoy this from time to time. Raid Mode really extended the life span of this game – I think I beat the main campaign after 60 hours and just played Raid Mode for the rest of the 100 hours of play that I accumulated for this title. And despite unlocking and beating all of the Raid Mode missions, I still continue to play this. I’ve yet to beat the Resident Evil: Revelations campaign on Hell difficulty and I’m planning to try doing that once I get a New Nintendo 3DS, so I’m guaranteed to sink even more hours in this game.

And that’s it for Part 3 of this list. For Part 4, we’re going to see the games that I spent more than a hundred hours on each. That’s five games, all played at 100 or more – that’s a lot of time spent on games, right? What could those games be? Find out next time.


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