Top 20 Most Frequently Played 3DS Games – #11-#15

I’ve always wanted to do a Best of list but I’ve never been qualified for it – I don’t watch enough movies, play enough games, read enough books, etc., to come up with a list that’s valid enough. However, I’ve had my 2DS for more than a year now and I got this idea of talking about the games/apps that I’ve played/used the most during my first year of owning my 2DS, so here I am.

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Last time, I talked about five games that I played for around 20 hours or more. For Part 2, we’ll start to see games that have gotten a lot more attention from me – five games that I’ve played for 30 hours or more. Let’s see what these games are:

Number 15 – WWE All Stars (30 hours, 4 minutes)

3ds a - wwe all stars

Despite never really considering a purchase and not getting WWE All Stars until August 2014, I ended up playing WWE All Stars a lot due to all the unlockable content that the game has. While I’ve already unlocked all of the available wrestlers, I still have a lot of alternate ring gear (costumes) to unlock so this game is guaranteed to still see a lot of play time.

I think I should mention that I really enjoy wrestling games a lot. There’s a certain buildup that long wrestling matches have that other fighting games don’t – fighting game matches tend to go really fast while wrestling matches are longer and have more momentum changes (at least from my experience). Too bad I don’t know anyone else who has a copy of WWE All Stars – I would’ve wanted to have a few wrestling matches against a real person as opposed to playing against AI that I could easily exploit. WWE All Stars remains to be a game that I play every now and then so it’s highly likely that this will remain in my Top 20 and even move up a spot or two if I decide to do this list again next year.

Number 14 – The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (30 hours, 49 minutes)

3ds a - zelda a link between worlds

A Link Between Worlds is one of my favorite 3DS games, and it would’ve been my most favorite had it been a little longer. The 30 hours I spent on this game is actually padded somewhat already – I spent time getting all of the StreetPass achievements in this game and have even been playing this to clear some of the StreetPass tags even after I got all of the achievements. This game is very high up on the list of games that I’m going to play again after getting a New Nintendo 3DS, so I’m likely to spend another 20 or more hours on this game.

Number 13 – Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (31 hours, 22 minutes)

3ds a - metal gear solid snake eater 3d

I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D a lot, but I do have to mention that a good portion of the 30-plus hours I spent on this game was because of having to reset because I got “spotted” by enemies or accidentally killed somebody (I was aiming for a no-kill game). The cutscenes of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D were also longer than my other games, and I’m sure it contributed to a longer total play time.

I’m not selling Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D short though. This game is good, and I’m glad to have it in my collection. Despite reports of the C-Stick not offering the type of control needed for precise aiming, I’m still looking forward to doing another playthrough of this game after I get a New Nintendo 3DS.

Number 12 – YouTube (35 hours, 7 minutes)

3ds a - youtube

 The free YouTube app for the 3DS is a great basic app to have, allowing me to quickly watch videos online on my device without having to boot up a desktop/laptop or reach for a different handheld device. While laden with bugs (mine crashed quite often), I consider the YouTube app as a good bonus that allowed me to do something I didn’t expect I could do on my 2DS.

Number 11 – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (45 hours, 6 minutes)

3ds a - luigis mansion dark moon

 And now we get to a game that I burned more than 40 hours on. I never thought I’d want to play Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon even after I played the first Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube, but after having a taste of the multiplayer ScareScraper mode I knew that this game would be a good addition to my collection. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon just has a lot of replay value, especially with it’s entertaining and Download Play compatible ScareScraper mode that can be played with four players. I actually haven’t gotten 100% completion in this game, intentionally leaving some of the bonus stages that I unlocked for when I get my hands on a New Nintendo 3DS.

And that’s it for Part 2 of this list. In Part 3, we’ll start seeing games that I really spent a lot of time on, with all but one getting more than 50 hours of play.


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