Gaming Geek’s Log – 2014.12.15

Despite going on vacation this past weekend, I managed to squeeze in some time for my video games. I’ll be talking about Fire Emblem Awakening, Super Smash Bros., and Amiibos today.


Nintendo recently released their first wave of Amiibos – figurines of various video game characters that, similar to Skylanders or Disney Infinity figures, have video game-related functionalities. Unlike Skylanders or Disney Infinity figures, Amiibos are compatible with more than one video game.

When Amiibos were first announced, I really wasn’t interested in them. I don’t have plans to get a Wii U so I didn’t see much value in getting these figurines, but when I saw the Wave 1 figures in stores during the week of their release, I got compelled to get the Link Amiibo. Similar to Fantasy Life, I saw a lot of social media updates revolving around Amiibo availability and due to fear of not being able to get a Link Amiibo, I decided to pull the trigger on a purchase. I also have plans of getting a New 3DS once it gets released to the North American audience, so I know that I’ll eventually be able to use Amiibos. As of this writing, there are only three 3DS games that are confirmed to support Amiibos – Super Smash Bros., Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Plus, and One Piece: Super Grand Battle X. The current wave of Amiibos are specially configured for Super Smash Bros. but can be used to unlock features in other games (bonuses in Hyrule Warriors, special Mii costumes in Mario Kart 8).

I’m writing this now because I didn’t want to get bitten by the collector bug – I just wanted to get my hands on a Link Amiibo while I still could. However, Zelda is part of Wave 2 and now I’m thinking about getting her Amiibo, as well as Ganondorf’s to complete the characters representing the Triforce. I’m still thinking about whether I should grab the Sheik and Toon Link Amiibos to complete the Legend of Zelda line, but now that the Mega Man Amiibo is slated for release in February 2015, I’m seriously getting tempted to grab more.

Looks like Nintendo has found a way to “print money” for this video game generation – I’m excited to see finance reports this February to see if Nintendo has finally turned their financial situation around.

Challenge completed

While I was on vacation, I managed to sneak a little time for gaming and I used that time to achieve one of the most time consuming challenges of Super Smash Bros. – getting first place in Smash Run using all of the available characters. Since getting the game last October, I’ve been working on these achievements regularly, and now I think I only have five or six more to unlock. The remaining challenges are going to be tough – off the top of my head, these are the remaining requirements:

  • KO twenty characters in Street Smash by knocking opponents into each other
  • Beat Classic mode on Level 9
  • Beat All Star mode on the hardest difficulty
  • Beat All Star mode using all available characters
  • Get all of the custom moves in Smash Run

Out of all these, the fourth requirement is the easiest one. The first requirement is highly dependent on Street Pass tags, and the fifth requirement will need a lot of grinding through Smash Run and/or Classic Mode. I haven’t tried All Star at it’s highest difficulty setting, but I think that’s easier compared to beating Classic mode on Level 9 simply because failing to beat the final stage in Classic mode will result in the game automatically lowering down the difficulty level to 8.5, so I have to succeed on my first attempt.

There’s no real urgency in completing these challenges though; it serves to prolong the lifespan of a game that’s very fun to play.

At the brink

Have you ever experienced reading a book and getting to the chapter before the last, then being compelled to just read the last chapter so you can finish it? Well, I’m at that point in Fire Emblem Awakening. It’s just weird that once you get to the final chapter, five additional side chapters get unlocked. So now I’m forced to choose between beating the game now or beating it after I’ve beaten the additional chapters. I can also recruit one character in each of the additional chapters, so that means more Support conversations to earn and grind for.

Fire Emblem Awakening is packed with content and gameplay, but right now I’m itching to play my other games. I guess I’ll just focus on completing the additional chapters and get as many Support conversations as I can while doing so. Once that’s done, I’ll beat that final chapter and set this game aside to free up some time for a new game.

Those are my updates for now. It’s been a while since I last wrote a game review, I think I’ll start focusing on one or two rather than write up another journal entry. We’ll see what happens.


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