Gaming Geek’s Log – 2014.12.10

For today’s entry, I’ll be talking about Fire Emblem Awakening and Fantasy Life, and a little bit about the Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo.

The Circle of Fantasy Life

I kind of ranted about Fantasy Life in my last entry so I want to share my progress in that game. Right now, I’ve managed to get to the Demi-Creator rank of the Blacksmith class. If I keep working at that class and get to the Creator rank, I’ll be able to start forging the best hammers (for more successful forging of other items). Once I get the best hammer that I can create, I’ll start creating the best needles (for Tailors). Before I can do that though, I’ll need to gather the crafting ingredients that are needed for the quest requirements. Which means I might need to chop down some more trees (Woodcutter) and mine for some special ores (Miner).

It’s a cycle, a long cycle. I’ve already accumulated more than 100 hours of play for Fantasy Life, and I think I’ll shoot past 200 to get achieve everything that I want to achieve in this game.

Generation Gap

I finally got most of the Support Conversations for the first generation characters in Fire Emblem Awakening! Now, I’m working on getting the following:

  • Get Robin (avatar), Basilio and Flavia to Support rank A
  • Get all of the second generation characters to Support rank A
  • Get all of the “families” to Support rank A

I’ve made a lot of progress but my other “goals” still need a lot of grinding, so I might opt to just beat the game eventually. I’m currently juggling three games and have other games waiting to be played, so I need to drop one of these three soon.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Demo

In the review of the Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Demo that I wrote for The Mad Sorbetero, I mentioned that I liked being able to transfer items from the demo to the actual game as a reward. Pokemon games aren’t my cup of tea though, so I never bought a copy of either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire and thus, never really used the reward that I earned for playing the demo. Well, one of my colleagues bought a 3DS recently and also bought a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby so I transferred my Glalie (an ice-type Pokemon) to his game instead.

I never really got anything out from playing the demo, but being able to give the reward to someone else did make me feel nice. So my opinion about transferrable rewards in demo versions remain the same – it’s a good thing, and developers should incorporate a feature like this in their demo software.

That’s it for me today. I hope I continue to make progress in the games that I’m currently playing because The Keep, Gunman Clive, the three Legend of Zelda Gameboy Color games, and Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millenium Girl (!) are all waiting for me.



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