Gaming Geek’s Log – 2014.12.05

I was planning to write about Fantasy Life but I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros. equally and I’m more affected by what I’m going through with that game right now so I’ll talk about that instead.

Losing Streak

I really thought I was getting better at competitively playing Super Smash Bros. because of all the practice that I’ve been doing against the A.I. and because I racked up a win streak a few days ago. I challenged my nephew to a few practice matches and really felt good about how I did overall. So I went online and played a couple of one on one For Glory matches right after. I ended up with another losing streak.

I think I was wrong to expect to get better at the game after watching a few videos and practicing a few hours; I shouldn’t let a few wins against the A.I. get into my head.

I also think that I’m acting the way a gambler does when he/she loses. I don’t know if there’s a term for this, but do you know how a gambler, after losing, is compelled to play again to make up the money that they lost? And the more they continue to lose, the more pressured they are to win? And how the pressure starts to get into their head and how it starts affecting their game and decision making? I think that’s happening to me too.

I think I’m taking this game waaaay too seriously.

Silver Bullet

And speaking of training for Super Smash Bros., I always believed that I’m at least good enough to beat the game’s Level 9 A.I.  regardless of which character I fight against. So there I was, playing practice matches against random characters, and I was winning my matches as I expected.

Until I faced Palutena, who beat me fairly easily.

I thought I was just distracted or wasn’t fully into the game, so I had a rematch. I still lost. I started paying more attention, but I still continued to lose. Now, I’ve been fighting Palutena almost exclusively. While I’ve managed to get a few wins, I can’t seem to do it consistently enough. By my estimates, I’ve only been winning around 30% of my matches against her.

I don’t want to give up until I figure out a good strategy or approach against Palutena, but I’m also worried about my general strategy getting influenced by all the adjustments that I’ve been making against her. If ever I actually join any Super Smash Bros. tournaments, I’ll be screwed if I get matched up against her.

I think I’m really taking this game too seriously.


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