Gaming Geek’s Log – 2014.12.03

I haven’t been writing much for this site recently, so I figured why not start a journal of my regular gaming activities? Unlike reviews, journal entries essentially write themselves as I only need to talk about what I’ve been doing recently. And so here I am.

Daily Grind

I currently have three 3DS games in regular rotation: Fire Emblem Awakening, Super Smash Bros., and Fantasy Life. I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Awakening for quite some time now, and it currently stands as the most played game on my 3DS based on total play time. One reason for this is because I’m playing it on Classic mode and I keep resetting my game whenever one of the characters gets killed. The other is simply because there are a lot of things that you can do in this game, and right now I’m trying to get all of the Support Conversations to A Rank while leveling up all of my characters in the process.

I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing in Fantasy Life anymore. It’s a game that’s very task-oriented, with tons of easy to do quests and a lot of goals to aim for. I guess my general goal right now is to have the best equipment that I can create for my character, so I’ve been training under the Blacksmith, the Carpenter, and the Tailor lives. I’ll get into this game more as I continue with my journal entries.


For some reason, I’ve been taking Super Smash Bros. more seriously than I should. I’ve never been good at fighting games, but for one reason or another Super Smash Bros. is just something that I’ve been good at. I’m at the point where I’m actually thinking about joining competitions and tournaments. So I’ve been playing a lot of one on one For Glory matches online.

Earlier today, I played a few of those For Glory matches, hoping to use a few advanced tricks that I learned recently. What I experienced was very strange – at least three (maybe four) of my opponents committed suicide, giving me 4 easy wins. In one match, my opponent committed suicide almost immediately after the match began, walking off the stage for reasons that weren’t clear to me. Why would they do that? It’s very strange. Personally, I’m not happy with how these matches padded my win-loss record (currently stands at 55% out of 300+ matches) but it’s not like I can do something about that.

I did manage to beat a Fox player, which is significant because I’ve been having trouble with both Fox and Falco. I also got my butt handed to me by a Diddy Kong player, which proves that Diddy Kong truly is a top-tier character. (By the way, I’m using Link as my main character and almost exclusively play as him in For Glory matches).

And that’s it for my first journal entry in more than a year. Let’s see if I can keep this going.


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