Random Thoughts – StreetPass at ToyCon

I’m going to a toy convention tomorrow, specifically so I can get loads of Street Pass tags. I have several games that have Street Pass capabilities, but there are a select few of those that I really want to get Street Pass tags for.

kirby triple deluxe - box

Since getting a copy of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, I’ve only gotten one Street Pass tag for it. I only get virtual keychains from each Street Pass tag for this game, so it’s not really relevant to me, but the virtual keychains are collectibles and I think are a part of the completion rate for the game. So getting a few tags for this game will help me if I eventually decide to reach for 100% completion.

loz albw - box
I haven’t started playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on Hero mode, but I plan to eventually, so I’ve been saving a few Street Pass tags for that. I’m also trying to get all 50 Shadow Link achievements so getting Street Pass tags from a few lower level Links are welcome.

doa dimensions - box

Another game that I rarely get Street Pass tags for is Dead or Alive: Dimensions, and it’s a shame because this is a solid fighting game and being able to fight AI representations of the person you “Street Passed” is a nice feature. Winning a Street Pass battle also comes with a few benefits – it can result in a higher rating and a tougher AI representation whenever someone “Street Passes” you, and you can earn a figurine for it.

fire emblem awakening - box

Unlike the other games that I have where a Street Pass tag is nice to have, I need to have Street Pass tags for Fire Emblem Awakening, preferably from those who have low level characters. I’m currently playing Fire Emblem Awakening on Classic mode and Hard difficulty, so I need some easy battles for grinding. I don’t particularly care for buying items from other players or recruiting their characters for my army, I just need opponents that I can beat without suffering any casualties.


Despite not having any of the paid mini games, the game that I’m still chasing Street Pass tags for is Street Pass Mii Plaza. I already have 800-810 puzzle pieces out of approximately 1,100 available pieces in Puzzle Swap, and still have lots of different headgear to collect in Find Mii. Street Pass Mii Plaza isn’t a complex or even a deep game, but there’s something about being able to complete all of the available animated puzzles and getting rare headgear that compells me to go out with my 2DS and get Street Pass tags.

I’ve been into the Street Pass functionality since getting my 2DS, going as far as attending weekly meet ups and going around malls with my device just to get tags. It’s just a great idea that’s implemented well and that’s currently exclusive to 2DS/3DS owners.


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