DS Games – Bomberman Land Touch 2

I would never have thought of getting a copy of Bomberman Land Touch 2 if it didn’t have a multiplayer option with just a single copy, but it did and so my Street Pass group wanted to try this out.

bomberman land touch 2 - box

Bomberman Land Touch 2 is almost like two very different games in one cartridge. There are three modes available for play, the first of which is Story Mode. In Story Mode, you take on the role of Bomberman White (or Cheerful White), who goes to an amusement park with the rest of the Bomberman gang.

bomberman land touch 2 - story mode 2Story Mode has an actual story, but it’s really not worth mentioning.

At the amusement park, you have to visit attractions with come in the form of minigames. Each minigame has a target score; whenever you hit or exceed the target score, you are awarded specific badges, maybe a Sun badge, a Star badge, a Moon badge, and so on. Collecting badges unlocks other areas of the amusement park which in turn have more minigames to play.

bomberman land touch 2 - story mode 1You need to explore the amusement park and play all the minigames/attractions to finish Story Mode.

You also need to collect tokens in order to purchase several items that you’ll need to make progress. Sometimes, you can get these tokens from key events that will happen along the way, but most of the time you’ll need to replay minigames that you’ve already finished and hit/exceed the new high score. You’ll also get to unlock characters for playing Attractions Mode, which I’ll get to later.

bomberman land touch 2 - minigame 1One of my favorite minigames in Bomberman Land Touch 2.

There are over 40 different minigames in the game, and most of these involve the use of the stylus functionality of the DS. The minigames are quite varied as well, ranging from those that involve timing and reflexes to memory and puzzle games. The ones that I liked the most are the rhythm and music related ones, and the ones that I hated the most required blowing on the mic.

Surprisingly, Story Mode has two different endings/paths, with you being helped by a different female Bomberman (Aqua Blue in one, Cute Pink in the other) at the end. I’m not sure about the differences in the two endings though, since I haven’t been able to get the other ending. When you complete Story Mode once, you get to unlock the Card Collection. Beating Story Mode on both paths unlocks the Battle Tower (I’ve yet to find out what this is either).

Attractions Mode allows you to play minigames that you’ve already beaten in Story Mode as Bomberman White, or as other Bomberman characters that you unlock by having a certain number of tokens when you complete Story Mode. In Attractions Mode, each minigame has a White Bomber high score – if you beat that, you get a card added to Card Collection.

Remember when I said that this game is almost like two different games? Story Mode and Attractions Mode comprises the minigame portion of Bomberman Land Touch 2, and that portion is decent on it’s own. If you like minigame collections, you’ll probably enjoy the minigames in Bomberman Land Touch 2. There’s enough variety in the collection and Story Mode is entertaining enough. Personally, it’s not my cup of tea, so I don’t see myself playing these minigames further.

The other portion of Bomberman Land Touch 2 is the Battle Mode, and this is a totally different game. Battle Mode is a single cartridge multiplayer game for 1 to 8 players where each player controls his/her own Bomberman. There are twenty different stages – in twelve of these stages, the objective is to either be the last Bomberman standing or have the highest score at the end of the round.

bomberman land touch 2 - battle 1In order to win on this stage of Battle Mode, you need to have the most number of stars by the end of the round.

You lay bombs that explode in four directions (north, south, east and west) along the stage. Blocks that are within a bomb’s blast range are destroyed, and any Bomberman caught in an explosion is eliminated. Sometimes, when a block is destroyed, a powerup is revealed. Powerups can either increase the blast range, give your Bomberman the ability to use multiple bombs at a time, grant your Bomberman the ability to kick or toss bombs, or grant your bomb explosions the ability to pass through blocks.

bomberman land touch 2 - battle 2In this Battle Mode stage, all players have the “Kick” power and there are arrows throughout the stage that changes the direction of any bombs in motion.

A few of the stages have different win conditions. There’s a stage where the objective is to get the most number of Stars; a variant puts you in a “dark” stage wherein you get to see a wider area the more Stars that you have. On another stage, any time your bombs explode, empty squares in the blast range change to the color of your Bomberman – the objective is to have the most number of squares with your color. here’s a stage where you have to find the exit and the key to win. And the last stage has a crown at the end – the player who gets the crown wins the round.

Battle Mode has made Bomberman Land Touch 2 a staple in our regular Street Pass meet ups because it’s so much fun. The group is at it’s rowdiest any time we play Bomberman Land Touch 2, no other game has come close. There’s just so much strategic depth to this mode, and if you don’t like strategy you have the option to just go wild and try to take out as many players as you can before you get taken out. The variety in the stages increases the game’s replay value because of how different you have to approach each stage. And as I stated previously, you only need one copy of Bomberman Land Touch 2 in order to play Battle Mode. And whether you have a 3DS or a DS, you can join in on the fun.

bomberman land touch 2 - battle 3In Battle Mode, you can choose between a large map (uses both screens) or a small map (uses just one screen).

Bomberman Land Touch 2 is definitely a must have if you have friends who own a DS and/or a 3DS. It has a decent single player mode and an amazing multiplayer mode that will always be fun to play with a minimum of three players. It is one of the few games that allows eight players to play simultaneously. We’ve been playing Bomberman Land Touch 2 for several months now and interest in the game doesn’t seem to be waning at all. If you haven’t experienced multiplayer Bomberman battles, you should definitely try to get a copy of this game.


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