The Buy List – May 2014

I’m starting a new series of posts this month about the games that I’ve been wanting to buy. I thought it’d be interesting to revisit the games that I’ve been thinking about, and see what I did end up getting and what games I decided not to get. Since this is the first post in this series, I’ll write about my top five first.

For this month, these games are on my radar…

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shin megami tensei iv - box

5. Shin Megami Tensei IV

I have to admit, I don’t know much about this game. What I do know is that this is an RPG set in modern times, it involves using monsters in battle, and it’s been received positively by a lot of reviewers. It’s currently fifth in my list simply because it’s an RPG, a genre that I thought I didn’t enjoy that much anymore until Bravely Default.

virtue's last reward - box

4. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

This is the sequel to 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, a DS game that I enjoyed tremendously. It’s part puzzle game and part visual novel, and I’m considering getting a copy simply because I love puzzles and I love reading great stories. The only reason why this game isn’t that high on my list is the fact that I have a hard time putting this type of game down. It’s like reading a good book – you can’t help but keep turning the page.

amazing spider-man - box

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

Two reasons why I’m thinking about getting this game: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie is out and it has reawakened my interest in all things Spidey, and it’s really cheap, being sold at around $19.99 in my local store. But it’s not a very good game, so I’m hesitant in spending my money on this when I could be buying something else that’s more deserving in my collection.

conception ii - box

2. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

This game is quite unusual, to say the least. A dungeon crawler RPG with an interesting battle system, it also includes fanservice and dating sim aspects in the form of “Classmating”. I tried the demo out and didn’t really like it that much (review to come), but I’m still high on this game due to the Street Pass features that I heard it has and because I stand to gain an additional 10 Club Nintendo points if I get a new copy of this game.

fire emblem awakening - box

1. Fire Emblem Awakening

I’ve been a Fire Emblem fan since Nintendo started releasing Fire Emblem titles on the Gameboy Advance, and no Fire Emblem game has gotten the kind of attention and critical acclaim the way Fire Emblem Awakening has. It’s a turn based tactical RPG, a genre that I enjoy a lot. It has one of the best implementations of Street Pass that I’ve seen, allowing you to fight the armies of anyone you Street Pass who has this game. And it’s gotten great reviews – I’ve seen a lot of Top 10 3DS games lists which has this in the Top 3.

I’ve limited myself to purchasing one game per month, so I will be able to fit a purchase in May. Will it be one of these five? Let’s see.


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