All Aboard May 2013

I almost didn’t make it to last month’s All Aboard because of real life. Both my girlfriend and my nephew were unavailable that day, and I had to go home (which is quite out of the way) to drop something off first.  When I got home, I just wanted to doze off and rest and skip the event altogether. In the end, my desire to avoid breaking what is now a tradition was stronger – I’ve been present in this event since August of last year and I wanted to continue my streak.

I’m glad that I went, because if I didn’t go, I would’ve missed on Mice and Mysticsone of the best games that I’ve played so far in this event.

mce and mystics box

Mice and Mystics is a cooperative board game for one to four players where you and your friends control a party of four mice and go through a series of 11 different scenarios that link together into one big fairy tale.

mice and mystics - in gameThe heroic mice face off against the evil Rat Warriors in the dungeons.

The game feels like you’re playing a traditional pen and paper RPG or PC role playing games, especially since each of the usual classes are represented – you’ve got the Warrior types in the form of Prince Collin and Nez, a Wizard (Maginos), a Cleric (Tilda), a Thief (Filch) and a Ranger (Lilly).

mice and mystics - charactersThe Heroes of Mice and Mystics.

I’ve played a lot of video game RPGs in the past, and I have to say, this game features an excellent character level up system, as well as solid rules for managing the opposing minions and scaling the difficulty of the game. All of the components were excellent in terms of quality and design – just check out some of the board tiles that comes with the game:

mice and mystics - tile 1

Just look at the squares of these boards – they’re not like traditional board games where the squares are simply squares; here, the squares fit in the aesthetics of the environment, whether forming the stone slabs of the castle flooring or the checkered tile in the kitchen.

The miniatures all look great – just check out the detail on these:

mice and mystics - figurines

The overall storyline is quite compelling. Don’t you want to know why these heroes became mice? Are they ever going to change back into their original forms? Will this fairy tale have a happy ending? I know I’m interested – I’m actually looking to buy my own copy of this game.

Unfortunately, because it was our first time to play this game, we botched some of the rules and ended up making the game harder for us. We never got to finish a chapter and had to go on a break first. After the break, we played a round of Smash Up!:

Smash Up

I’m starting to get sick of how it’s hard to keep a tally of your points in this game. Thankfully, the game’s publisher included point tokens in the expansion, Smash Up: Awesome Level 9000:

smash up awesome level 9000 box

If I were to get Smash Up in the future, I’m definitely going to get the expansion as well. The point tokens just make playing the game a whole less tedious as you don’t need a pen and paper to keep track of everyone’s scores.

Finally, we moved on to Time’s Up! Title Recall! and what looked like a fun game got ruined by the worst thing that could happen to any board game – the rules got lost! They weren’t in the box!

times up

Thankfully, one of my friends had an idea how this game was originally played, so he made up some rules that made sense and we were all laughing by the time we got to the third round. Still, I’m not counting this game in my list as I didn’t get to play it the way the publishers intended it to be.

I only added one new game to the list of games that I’ve played, but that one game might just be a keeper. I’m sure Mice and Mystics is something that will fit right into the type of games that I can play with my nephew or friends, so I’m really interested in getting a copy. I’m actually hoping that someone will bring a copy to this month’s All Aboard so I can have a shot at the rules of the game again.

  •  Shadows Over Camelot
  • Dixit
  • Last Night On Earth
  • Jab
  • 7 Wonders
  • Pandemic
  • Monopoly Deal
  • Cutthroat Caverns
  • Conquest of Planet Earth
  • Defenders of the Realm
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue
  • Smash Up!
  • Incan Gold
  • Ultimate Werewolf
  • King of Tokyo
  • Puerto Rico
  • Toc Toc Woodman
  • Ca$h ‘n Gun$
  • Pressure Point!
  • Forbidden Island
  • Guillotine
  • Shadow Hunters
  • Mice and Mystics

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