Avengers Alliance – Spec Ops 10

Spec Ops 10 launched two days ago, and this time they’re finally offering a character who has been a longtime Avengers member:

spec ops 10 - 1

That’s right, we’re finally getting Wonder Man! I was planning to write about several superheroes who, in my opinion, should have already been released in the game by now, and Wonder Man was on that list. So I’m glad he’s finally here:

spec ops 10 - briefing

Continuing the Spec Ops tradition of offering weapons that simulate a superheroes’ powers, we’ve got some Ionic weapons up for grabs as part of completing the tasks:

spec ops 10 - weapons

On paper, these weapons are great – let me talk about each one briefly:

  • Ionic Hammer – a melee weapon that not only has a chance of giving your Agent either Focused, Fortified, Agile or Strengthened but also heals up Health and Stamina. Might be a viable option in PVP, where healing effects are limited.
  • Ionic Blaster – a ranged weapon that gives Radiation Exposure to the target of the attack. Decent, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be anything special though.
  • Specimen Scanners – the gem of the bunch, this weapon targets everyone (not sure if it includes teammates) and gives them Radiation Exposure. It’s a Subtle weapon, so it doesn’t trigger counter attacks, and it’s a Quick Action weapon, so it allows your agent to take another turn after using it. I’m interested in seeing how this impacts PVP – it’s a Quick Action weapon, and it’s a DoT weapon (damage-over-time) which is a popular PVP tactic.

This is probably the busiest Spec Ops set of missions ever – aside from the usual Spec Ops fare, there’s the Red Skull battles:

spec ops 10 - red skull 1

Like Ultron, the Red Skull pops up every now and then in various maps. Like Ultron, he doesn’t have a life meter, changes classes after every fight, and requires help from your friends to be fully defeated:

spec ops 10 - red skull 2


Beating the Red Skull earns you 10 Coiled Lockboxes. That’s right, 10 Coiled Lockboxes. Wait, weren’t we collecting Unstoppable Lockboxes just a few days ago?

coiled collection - 1

Yes, Spec Ops 10 allows us to obtain Coiled Lockboxes which follows the same lockbox mechanic – opening 1 lockbox offers a 7% chance of getting a comic book cover, opening 10 lockboxes gives you a 100% chance of getting a comic book cover. Collecting all 8 covers allows you to recruit Constrictor to your team:

coiled collection - 2

So, there are two heroes to recruit – you need to complete 25 different tasks to get one of them, and 8 comic book covers to get the other. Yes, Spec Ops 10 looks like it’s going to be another busy 24 days.


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