Juggernaut – 4 Days Remaining

I only have 4 days left in order to get Juggernaut and only one missing comic book cover to unlock him:

unstoppable collection 2

At a minimum, I can earn 5 lockboxes each day by winning 5 PVP matches. If I get lucky, I can even win a few lockboxes from the PVP prize roulette, so I’m looking at  a total of 20 or more lockboxes. Opening 10 lockboxes at once guarantees one comic book cover, but it doesn’t guarantee me which one – I could end up getting a duplicate.

For some reason, I didn’t play Avengers Alliance for 5 days straight since Thursday last week. I might actually regret that – with one comic book cover remaining and what’s likely to be just two chances at getting a comic book cover, I might end up short and miss out completely on Juggernaut. Had I played once or twice in that span of time since Thursday, I could’ve gotten my hands on additional lockboxes to improve my chances.

Oh well, we’ll see. I hope I get lucky.




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