Their Last Night on Earth – The Character Sheet


I was in the middle of writing a post about one of the Last Night on Earth heroes when I figured that I had to somehow standardize the format of how I was going to write about each one. So, I’ll start with an introduction to the character with Flying Frog Production’s profile write-up.

After that, we’ll take a look at each characteristic of the hero that is relevant to gameplay. Here’s Jake Cartwright’s Character Sheet as an example:

parts of a character card

These are the parts of a Character Sheet:

  1. Name – The Hero’s name. It’s relevant to gameplay in that some game effects may refer to a specific Hero to work.
  2. Start Location – The area of the board where the Hero starts the game. This is relevant to gameplay as it determines what options you have for the Hero, and which other Heroes is going to be in close proximity to this Hero. Some start locations are good (e.g. Police Station) and some aren’t so good (e.g. Road Out of Town, The Barn).
  3. Hero Descriptor – This is almost like the Hero’s “character class”. At the moment, this is purely for flavor and has no gameplay relevance.
  4. Keywords – These are more descriptors. They don’t do anything on their own, but some game effects may refer to these (e.g. Faith works on all Heroes, but remains in play on Heroes with the Holy keyword).
  5. Hero Quote – Strictly for flavor, this is a quote that can give you an idea of the Hero’s personality.
  6. Abilities – Describes what the Hero can do in the game.
  7. Wound Markers – The amount of damage that a Hero can sustain.

So what I’ll probably be talking about with each Hero is his/her Keywords, Start Location, and Abilities, as well as what their role in your team/game is going to be based on these.

Finally, I’m going to talk about what trope/archetype is represented by the Hero, and which characters in pop culture I’m reminded of every time I play the Hero.

Sound good? We’ll see. I might change the format depending on what comes out after two or three posts, but for now this is a good outline for me to follow.


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