PVP Season 8

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Today marks the start of another PVP Season in Avengers Alliance – it’s now the 8th official season of PVP. And up for grabs is a relatively recent Marvel creation and Avengers member, the Red Hulk!

pvp season 8

With the new season is a revamp of the old PVP screen. Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots of the previous version, so I can’t post a comparison, but here’s how the new screen looks like:

pvp season 8 - new pvp screen


Still, the idea of being able to recruit the Red Hulk isn’t enticing enough for me to play PVP. Unfortunately for me, there’s a new promotion going on in the form of another Lockbox offer – this time around, rather than being tied up with Spec Ops (as was the case with the Magnetic Lockboxes of Spec Ops 6, and the Omega Lockboxes of Spec Ops 8), the Unstoppable Lockboxes are tied up with PVP Season 7.

unstoppable lockboxes

This time around, each PVP win gets you an Unstoppable Lockbox. 10 Unstoppable Lockboxes will guarantee that you’ll get 1 out of 8 comic book covers. Who’s up for grabs? Isn’t the descriptor “Unstoppable” enough to make it obvious?

unstoppable collection


It’s the Unstoppable Juggernaut!

I have to admit, the prospect of getting 1 Unstoppable Lockbox every time I win in PVP is enough to entice me to spend more time with it than I did before. Way to go, Playdom, for sucking me into spending more time with your game!

There are other changes to the game that I still haven’t been able to explore. Could these be preludes to a significant overhaul that will come with Avengers Alliance Season 2? We’ll see what happens.


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