Level 200!

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Last week, I reached Level 200. Meh, it’s just a social game, right?

Well, it’s a social networking game that I’ve been playing almost everyday for more than a year now, so it does have some value to me. And Level 200 marks a special milestone – what makes it so significant?

level 200

The current level cap, or the maximum level that can be attained in the game, is 300. That means, unless Playdom changes the level cap, I can only level up 100 times more. What’s so special about leveling up? Several things:

  • I get 1 Gold for free.
  • My Energy Bar is refilled at the moment that I level up.
  • My agent’s stats increase

So I’m only allowed to get the above bonuses a hundred more times. The Energy Bar, like most other social games, recharges with time so I can do without the refills. And honestly, I don’t really feel the changes in my agent’s stats as the difficulty of the game is scaled to my level, and I can get stat boosts in other ways anyway.

Where this is really going to hurt me is the ability to gain Gold for free. You see, Gold is basically in-game currency that allows me to do a lot of things. Now that I’m at level 200, I can only earn up to a maximum of 100 Gold from leveling up. There are other ways to obtain Gold, and I think I’ll need to start looking into those ways to build up my reserves.

On another note, reaching Level 200 ain’t really that big of a deal. As of this writing, I’ve got two friends who are already at Level 300, and I’ve got a friend whose already at Level 199 and is on pace to overtake me sometime next week.

But hey, I’m at Level 200! Only 100 levels more to go!


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