Avengers Alliance – Spec Ops 9

Spec Ops 9 launched today, just barely a few days after Spec Ops 8 concluded.

spec ops 9 - 01

Frankly, I would’ve preferred a longer break in between the Spec Ops missions, but Spec Ops 9 is based off of the Iron Man 3 movie, so I understand why Spec Ops 9 was launched early. The Hero who’s up for grabs this time around is Rescue, a.k.a. Pepper Potts in a Stark-designed suit:

spec ops 9 - briefing

The plot also involves another re-telling of Extremis, originally one of the most popular Iron Man comic book storylines in the last decade. Also up for grabs are several Iron Man-related weapons and items:

spec ops 9 - weapons

These three weapons are automatically obtained when you complete a certain number of Spec Ops 9 tasks. This is in addition to these three Boss Reward-weapons:

spec ops 9 - 02

Unlike Spec Ops 8, there are no lockboxes going around this time, so there’s only one new Hero to recruit. But there’s a new Iron Man armor that’s available for purchase via Command Points throughout the duration of Spec Ops 9. The Mark 42 armor is actually pretty good, I’m definitely considering getting it despite already having the Avengers Movie version of Iron Man.

spec ops 9 - new iron man armor

Spec Ops 9 will be up for 32 days, and there’s a good chance that there will be other limited releases in that period (War Machine‘s Iron Patriot palette swap, for example).

With all these limited offers up for grabs, it appears that May 2013 is going to be a busy month for Avengers Alliance players.

Update: I made a mistake – Playdom already released the Iron Patriot version of War Machine, and it’s quite an upgrade:

war machine - iron patriot costume

I never really liked the Iron Patriot design on War Machine because it feels wrong – Iron Patriot is a totally different character in the comic books. So I probably won’t get this and save the 50 Command points on other purchases instead.


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