Today is the last day for Spec Ops 8, and I’m glad to say that I reached 4 stars for all three Spec Ops 8 Missions:

spec ops 8 - last day

What does that mean, exactly? Well, each Mission in the game offers a one-time reward for each Star you earn, and getting 4 Stars got me 3 Gold on Missions that are only available for the duration of Spec Ops 8. Free Gold is a limited and valuable commodity in the game, so you really have to maximize your opportunities of earning Gold.

I would’ve wanted to earn 5 Stars on these Missions (and earn 5 Command Points as a reward), but it’s simply too time-consuming. I’m happy with getting the 3 Gold, as well as getting Vision and the Omega Sentinel. Another successful round of Spec Ops, my 8th since the first one started several months ago.

Spec Ops 9 is looming around the corner though. From what I can gather, Spec Ops 9 is supposed to tie into Iron Man 3, so it looks like we’ll get new versions of Iron Man and War Machine. I wonder who the new recruit is going to be, though, since there aren’t any new heroes featured in the movie.


I’m still playing Gladius after more than a month. I’m currently at the 3rd area, which means I’m somewhere around the halfway point of the game. I’m really sticking to finishing this game before I move onto the next, so I’ve stopped playing all of my other games.



I did sneak in a day or two of Super Smash Bros. Brawl a few weeks ago. I couldn’t resist, I wanted to unlock as many characters as possible, and in that span I managed to unlock Sonic the Hedgehog, Wolf (from the Star Fox franchise), and Toon Link (from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). I only have one character left to unlock, and that’s the Pokemon Jigglypuff. 

super smash bros brawl coverThis game features Nintendo’s Mightiest Heroes (and Villains).



Of course, I can never leave out my rhythm games – I got my console primarily because of these games, so they’re always on hand when I need to relieve some stress. Right now, I’ve got three: The Beatles Rock BandBand Hero, and Rock Band: Track Pack 1.

band gamesI’ll never get tired of playing these games.

Hmmm, just looking at these game covers makes me want to play a song or two. Hah, so much for sleep.


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