All Aboard March 2013

During last month’s All Aboard event, we were able to try two new games that were easy to learn, the first of which is called Ca$h ‘n Gun$.

cash and guns box

In Ca$h and Gun$, players take on the role of criminals who just successfully pulled off a heist and are now back in their “hideout” to discuss how their loot is going to be split up. But we’re talking about loads of money here, so are we really expecting these criminals to have a fair and logical discussion? Not really. Of course, the gang ends up fighting over the money, and the game plays this out.

cash and guns components

In each game round, money is placed in the center of the table. The players then aim their guns at another player in the hopes of either killing or scaring them off. To prevent players from simply killing everyone off, each player is given limited ammo so you have the choice to whether bluff or really shoot someone.

cash and guns - more componentsThe rest of the components that comes with the game.

Each player can only take two hits and die on the third time that they get shot, which results in being eliminated from the game. So aside from choosing when to shoot your real bullets, you also have to decide on whether to give up on a round or to call someone’s bluff and risk getting shot. At the end of each round, the money is distributed over the players who stood their ground. You win if after 8 rounds, you’re still alive and you have the most money.

That pretty much sums up the basic game, which we played twice. While we did have fun, I’d say the game isn’t for everyone and I found that it can get old after multiple plays. There’s a set of advanced rules that add to the game, like special abilities, but we didn’t get to try that so maybe it gets better with the addition of those elements.

We then tried a game that I’ve been eyeing ever since I started attending this event – Pressure Point:

pressure point - box

The game comes with a timer/card holder, scoring dials, and a lot of cards that have several different topics – there are 176 topic cards all in all, and each card has 4 different topics on it. Players place a few cards at random inside the card holder. One player is then assigned as the “guesser”.pressure point - components

Everyone else is shown the current topic and secretly votes on how many words the guesser can guess. The guesser then flips over the card holder, starts the timer and tries to say as many words related to the topic as he/she can in 10 seconds.

pressure point - timer and topicThe Pressure Point card holder. How many cartoon characters can you name in 10 seconds?

The guesser earns points based on how many words he/she was able to say, with the group acting as judges  on how many words were actually valid. The rest of the group earn points or penalties based on how many words they voted that the guesser can guess. A round ends when each player has had a turn as the guesser, and the person with the most points at the end of a round wins that round.

pressure point - dialsGuess how many words your friend can say in 10 seconds with the voting dial.

I think we played two rounds, but the copy that was available at the event didn’t have batteries for the card holder, which was understandable. We had to make do with the timer applications in our mobile phones, and that made it a little cumbersome for the group to completely enjoy the experience.

We wanted to try another game called Time’s Up! Title Recall, but the copy at the event was missing it’s sand timer so we couldn’t play. Instead, a few more people joined us for an epic 6-player game of Invasion from Outer Space.


We played the basic Invasion scenario where the Heroes had to kill 20 Martians before the turn limit while the Martians had to kill 2 Heroes. My nephew and I took on the side of the Martians, and we had a really hard time trying to take control of the game because of bad reinforcement rolls. Eventually, we lost, but we almost pulled off a library death win because of the “Proto Bomb”.

I have to note that I rarely play my own games at the event because rather than play the games that I already own and know, I prefer trying out games that I don’t have to see if I want to add those to my meager collection or not. But to be honest, I really liked playing Invasion From Outer Space, it was mine and bringing it along so that other people can play it gives me the feeling that I’m contributing in my own little way to the community.

Here’s the updated list of board games that I’ve tried in these events:

  • Shadows Over Camelot
  • Dixit
  • Last Night On Earth
  • Jab
  • 7 Wonders
  • Pandemic
  • Monopoly Deal
  • Cutthroat Caverns
  • Conquest of Planet Earth
  • Defenders of the Realm
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue
  • Smash Up!
  • Incan Gold
  • Ultimate Werewolf
  • King of Tokyo
  • Puerto Rico
  • Toc Toc Woodman
  • Ca$h ‘n Gun$
  • Pressure Point!

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