All Aboard February 2013

Just a quick post on a topic that I should have wrote ages ago. The second All Aboard event of 2013 was held on Saturday, February 23. I went with my girlfriend, but because she had some errands to attend to, we weren’t able to play much.

While waiting for her, I played a round of Smash Up! with a couple who we’ve befriended some months back. Not much to say here, other than I still enjoyed the game and am still thinking about getting my own copy in the near future.

Smash Up

When my girlfriend got back, we had the chance to play a game that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time already. Toc Toc Woodman:

toc toc woodman - box

I really liked this game as it made us laugh so hard. We couldn’t even control our laughter even if we were playing at a public venue – that’s how much fun this game can be when played with the right kind of players. My nephew also likes this game, so I’m probably going to get my own copy within the year. I’ll talk about Toc Toc Woodman in more detail soon as I think it deserves it’s own post.

After playing this, we decided to leave as we were already tired from the errands that we had to do, so we didn’t get to try any other new game. Still, the fun that I had playing Smash Up and Toc Toc Woodman made up for the time that I was able to spend for this event.

Here’s the updated list of board games that I’ve tried in these events:

  • Shadows Over Camelot
  • Dixit
  • Last Night On Earth (bought it)
  • Jab
  • 7 Wonders
  • Pandemic
  • Monopoly Deal
  • Cutthroat Caverns
  • Conquest of Planet Earth
  • Defenders of the Realm
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue (bought it)
  • Smash Up
  • Incan Gold
  • Ultimate Werewolf
  • King of Tokyo
  • Puerto Rico
  • Toc Toc Woodman

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