Avengers Alliance – Spec Ops 8

spec ops 8 - preview

Heeeeeere we go again. Another round of Spec Ops, another 22 days of grinding for Command Points. This time around, the main Spec Ops villain is Ultron:

spec ops 8 - briefing

The storyline picks up right where Spec Ops 7 ended – Ultron had escaped and was now free to wreak havoc  and destruction. S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, they’re all trying to stop Ultron and after every thing is all said and done, you’ll get the Vision (and a bunch of new weapons) as your reward:

spec ops 8 - prizes

Aside from the Boss Rewards displayed above, you’ll get the following Weapons as part of completing Spec Ops 8:

spec ops 8 - weapons 2

All three weapons appear to be good or at least decent:

  • The Pym-Grown Needle, obtained for free after completing Task 10, applies the Bleeding status and has a chance to perform a second attack. This is a great weapon, as it gives you the chance to apply Bleeding twice (and Bleeding is one of the better “Damage-over-Time” (DoT) status ailments.
  • The Volt-Caster, obtained after completing Task 15, is a weapon that gives opponents a different status ailment depending on what status ailments they have already: it gives Biofeedback, but if the opponent already has Biofeedback, it gives Exposed; if the opponent already has Exposed, it gives Burning. Not sure if it would give both Burning and Biofeedback to an opponent who only has the Exposed status. A decent weapon, good for DoT teams.
  • The Combat Analyzer, obtained after completing Task 20, looks like it sucks. Its a Quick Action weapon so you get another turn right after using it. Well, using it lowers the Evasion of the opposing team and grants your agent a random Buff.

So, pretty nifty rewards even if you don’t complete all of the missions. And that’s what I like about Spec Ops missions, you get the opportunity to get new weapons just by playing through it and you also get more opportunities to get Command Points and Gold.

So, I have 22 days to complete all 25 Tasks, and there’s one task that’s giving me pause, a task that will require me to recruit the following Heroes:

spec ops 8 - mission 25 required heroes

So I have less than 22 days to collect a total of 315 Command Points, and I just have 73 right now. Either that, or I can spend 25 Gold to skip Task 25. Well, we’ll see.

Good rewards, a Hero reward that is strongly associated with the Avengers, and more grinding for me. Yes, I think I’m still on board, I’m still going to try and finish this.


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