I decided to rename my blog because the original name really didn’t fit anymore. My interest has really shifted towards gaming and away from comic books, so the name “The Comic Geek” really isn’t appropriate for my blog anymore. Right now, “The Gaming Geek” is a better fit.

I’m not even much of a geek for games, I know a lot of other people who play more video games (and are up to date) than I do, and a lot of other people who play (and own) more board games than I, but I’m really fresh out of names so this name will have to do. Unfortunately, I can’t change the site URL, but I don’t really mind (I don’t think anyone minds either).


Avengers Alliance PVP has been really hell for me these last two seasons. I didn’t make it out of Silver League last time, and now I’ve been having trouble earning the required 5 wins for the Daily Reward. What the hell happened? I don’t have a lot of time to figure it out, but I should read up on it this weekend. I’m missing out on Command Points, and I still have a lot of Heroes to recruit. It’s known that Playdom requires newly released Heroes for completing Spec Ops missions, so I have to be prepared for that.

Grinding for this game is really starting to take it’s toll, I’m starting to ask myself why I’m still playing this game. It’s a nice game, yes, one of the best I’ve played on Facebook, but it’s already become an obligation for me. And like all other things, when you’re obliged to do them, it’s no longer fun.

Note: I’m playing PVP in Avengers Alliance as I’m writing this. Before I started to write my complaint about losing in PVP, I had lost 3 straight matches. And then I started to have a win streak. I’ve already won 4 times, and it’s likely that I’ll win this last one. Life is like that, I guess.


It’s a little bit surprising that I’ve only been playing two games on my Wii recently: Gladius, the Gamecube game released almost a decade ago, and The Beatles Rock Band for the Wii. I can’t believe these two knocked all my other games off the regular rotation, especially Smash Brothers Brawl, but they did. I’m really enjoying “rocking” out to Beatles’ songs on my own or with my nephew, and when I finally tire out I revert to playing Gladius. I already have close to 18 hours of game time, and every one who has played video games regularly knows that this doesn’t count all the times lost after you’ve quit on your game and went back to reload a save.


What’s in store for the future for me? Hmm. In terms of planned purchases… I’ve been looking for bargain Wii guitars so that my nephew and I can play bass and lead at the same time. I have another batch of Wii games to purchase, and I’m thinking about getting my own copy of Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak.

All Aboard for April 2013 won’t happen until 4 weeks from now, so it’s quite a long wait until I get to play some board games with people other than my nephew. Maybe I can finally attend one of those southern gaming events one of these days.

That’s still enough to look forward to, so I’m excited for the future. So, until next post!


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