Avengers Alliance – Spec Ops 7 and PVP Season 5 and 6

Several things happened for my Avengers Alliance game. First of all, PVP Season 5 already finished, and I ended up in Silver League. I was simply too busy to be able to really compete this time around, and I think that there’s one change to PVP that made people play it more – any time you get 5 wins in a single day, you get the chance to win a random prize out of 9 different prizes, two of which are Command Points. So unlike before where all you get are experience points for your agent and heroes, you get the chance to win those precious CPs. Every day I logged in, I saw myself drop in the standings, indicating that a lot of players have been attacking me while I was offline. Unlike before, I don’t mind it now – sure, I didn’t get the Gold prizes, but  I’m sure I managed to earn CPs because of the change that Playdom made.

PVP Season 6 started around two weeks ago, and this time around they’re offering Fantomex as a reward:

pvp season 6

Fantomex is another X-Men related character who was recently a member of X-Force. As indicated by my blog posts, I haven’t really been keeping up on my comic book reading, so I don’t know what he’s been up to recently. I just want to point this out: for a game called Avengers AllianceFantomex has been the 5th X-Men related character reward out of 6 seasons (Deadpool, Cable, Psylocke and X-23 are the other 4, with the Punisher being the only non-X-Men character to come out). But whatever, I’m usually not good enough to compete for the PVP prizes anyway, so I don’t mind it that much.

In less than 2 days, Spec Ops 7 is ending. I’ve already completed it, and Hank Pym is now in my roster:

hank pym recruited

In the process of recruiting Hank Pym, I recruited Wasp and Cable as well – they’re part of the requirements for completing the last mission before Hank Pym is unlocked, so I went ahead and got them.  To recruit Wasp, I spent 90 Command Points. I spent 135 Command Points on Cable, and my nephew (he’s helping me with my account sometimes) accidentally recruited Sif, wasting 25 Command Points on her. So I had to grind my way to earning 216 Command Points (note: I used up 17 Gold to buy the remaining 34 Command Points) in less than 25 days! All that grinding really made me rethink whether getting these Spec Ops heroes is worth all that effort, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Out of the Heroes that have been released, I’m only missing 9, and out of those 9 only 7 can be recruited at this time. I’m probably going to get Rogue next as she’s needed for one of the Epic Boss Battles that I’ve yet to try, but we’ll see.


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