Box Art for Last Night on Earth’s newest expansion

The box art for Blood in the Forest, Last Night on Earth’s newest expansion (set to be released this year), has finally been posted online. Check it out:


This expansion will come with the following:

  • Two new Heroes: Sister Ophelia and Agent Carter (both featured in the box art)
  • Seven new Feral Zombies
  • A new set of Forest boards
    • a new double sided Forest Center board
    • 4 new L-boards
    • straight boards (first time ever for LNOE)
  • New Hero and Zombie cards
  • New scenarios
  • New game mechanics

First impressions:

  • The straight boards alone make this a must-have expansion. Prior to this expansion, there was a considerably limited way to arrange the existing board pieces because we only had a center board and those L-boards. Straight boards are going to introduce a whole lot of new board configurations.
  • Aside from the straight boards, the new Forest boards sound very interesting. I wonder how different they are from the previous boards – are there going to be fewer buildings and/or structures? More trees? No buildings at all?
  • I’m already liking the new Feral Zombies just by what they’re called. Definitely better than the Grave Dead zombies (from Growing Hunger) and the Zombies with Grave Weapons. Zombies with grave weapons – that just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? I’m hoping these new Feral Zombies have new sculpts.
  • Having just two new Heroes is a bummer, but this is the first expansion with 9 board pieces! That more than makes up for it. And besides, we already have a lot of Last Night on Earth Heroes available but not enough board pieces.
  • My only real concern right now is how well Blood in the Forest meshes with the base set of Last Night on Earth. I’ve already tried Timber Peak and it feels like it’s own game, like it belongs in it’s own continuity.

Last Night on Earth is still one of the most engrossing board games that I’ve ever played, and is definitely the flagship game of Flying Frog Productions, so it makes sense that they continue to release new products under this banner. Can’t wait for new information on this expansion!


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