Magneto Recruited!

With two days remaining and All Aboard happening at the same time, I was facing a dilemma – I still needed to reach 4 stars for Mission 2 and Mission 3 of Spec Ops 6. I had 600+ Yellow ISOs remaining, what I didn’t have was the luxury of time. My only option was to ask my nephew for assistance – I had him play my account while I was at All Aboard, confident that I had enough ISOs to cover any losses that he incurred.

That plan backfire on me in a big way – my nephew misunderstood my instructions and used up a lot of the ISOs on Mission 1 – a mission that I had already gotten 4 stars for! When I got home, my ISOs were down to a little over 200, and I was still several points away from reaching 4 stars for both Missions.

With a little bit of luck, a few Gold spent and a lot of Energy that I saved for this exact situation, I was able to get the ISO needed to hit the required 4 stars, and lo and behold:

magneto recruited 1

The Master of Magnetism has joined my forces! He’s my 39th hero, and my 7th Specs Ops recruit.

magneto recruited 3


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