PVP Season 3 Ends, PVP Season 4 Begins

PVP Season 3 of Avengers Alliance ended a few days ago, and as I expected, I did bad:

pvp season 3 placement

I didn’t even place in Gold League, and what’s sad is I could have placed into Gold League if I arrived home an hour earlier.

Oh well, this is, at the end of the day, just a game. So I took a break from the game for several days (I got burned out from chasing PVP standings and completing Spec Ops).

When I logged in today, PVP Season 4 had already started:

PVP season 4 Prizes

This time, I’m prepared. I’ve already won my first two PVP matches and unlike last season, I’m confident that I can at least place into Diamond League. Still not good enough to get Punisher though.


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