Dr. Strange Recruited!

Yes, I gave in.

dr strange recruited

This puts my collection at 35 Heroes with 5 alternate costumes (the Avengers movie costumes). Who’s next? I’m not really sure – I’m torn between recruiting Rogue so I can unlock the Epic Boss of Mission 9.4, or getting Dr. Strange’s alternate costume so I can start kicking butt in PVP.

PVP Season 3 has been such a bad experience for me. What was supposedly a moderately challenging venture to reach Diamond League (I have to be among the top 15% of the population) became a frustrating attempt at staying in Gold League. I still can’t figure it out,I’ve been losing to different kinds of teams – the Ghost Rider/Dr. Strange “Dark Void”-you-to-death team, Valkyrie-centric “can’t be killed” teams, Hercules, Quicksilver, Hulk… you name it, I’ve probably lost a match to it.

With only 6 days remaining and without the tools and talent needed, I’ve decided to put the white flag up and stop trying to reach Diamond League and I’m just trying to stay in Gold so that I can get that 10x Gold prize.


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