Exactly! “Mismo”, a Local and Crazy Boardgame

My girlfriend told me about this weird game that she played with her family called Mismo, which is a Filipino term that translates to the English word “exactly”. Based on her description of the game, it’s similar to Dixit, only wackier and without the abstract art. The game was unique enough to get my attention, but I don’t know where to find copies of it so I haven’t played it yet but I asked her if she would be kind enough to write about the game and she did! So let’s see what my girlfriend has to say about this intriguing game:

Have you used the word ‘mismo’? Mismo, if translated in English, is synonymous with exactly, absolutely, quite, square or precisely. Ample synonyms for a single simple term, isn’t it? Now let me invite you in putting up a different definition to the word ‘Mismo’.

Mismo, in the Philippines, is now used as a party board game. It has a 3 by 3 component and let me go through it with you one by one. The first set of 3 steps are for setting up and it starts by gathering four to a maximum of ten players, assigning a designator and distributing ten adjective cards and one vote chip per player.

Now, what is unique about the game is its two roulettes that has 50 adjectives per roulette. Each start of the game, the designator spins the two roulettes from where the two categories will come from. Remember the players were given ten cards each? These cards will be used to match the categories that was picked. So, if on the first roulette the adjective ‘sikat’ (translates to ‘famous’ in English) is chosen and on the other the second the adjective is ‘mabangis’ (translates to ‘wild’ or ‘vicious’ in English, but can mean other things in our language), the players should choose from their ten cards at hand which one is the closest to the two categories and should lay the cards facing down the table. Once all cards are in, the designator will shuffle the cards and the second part of the 3 by 3 begins- voting.

Once the cards are flipped by the designator, voting starts by placing the vote chips on the cards that the players think is the closest to the categories. Of course the owner of the card cannot vote for his card. So, how to win this game? Strategy. When the cards are flipped and you know your card has a huge probability of winning, you have to choose the card that is least connected to the categories and vote for it. Why? Because if you vote for the card that is really close to the categories – ‘sikat’ and ‘mabangis’, you are actually helping the other players to win! Mismo! But if you vote for the least, you will scatter the vote. And the winner will be given a chip. For the first win a ‘mis’ chip will be given. An owner with a ‘mis’ chip is entitled to a ‘mo’ chip if he wins again and finally, the owner with a ‘mo’ chip is entitled to a ‘padamdam’ chip after winning a game and will be declared the overall winner.

But let me emphasize a twist. ‘Mis’, ‘mo’, and ‘padamdam’ chips are limited. So what does this means? It means you can steal. When you already have a ‘mis’ chip and all the ‘mo’ chips are taken by the other players and you won a game, you can choose among the other players from whom you will steal a ‘mo’ chip. So, allow me to reiterate the last 3 of the 3 by 3: vote, steal and win. Simple, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, I don’t know where to get this game. I’ll visit local bookstores and see if they have this in stock. Sounds crazy fun, doesn’t it? The game is so crazy that a crazy thing happened to the photo of the game that my girlfriend sent me:

mismo screenshot 1

Looks normal, right? But when I click on the attached image or try to download it, this happens:

mismo screenshot 2

It’s flipped upside-down! Weird!

I’d like to thank my girlfriend for taking the time to write this for me and for sharing her gaming experience. Hmmm, I’ll ask her to ask where her family got this game, maybe it’s something nice to add to my collection.


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