It’s already the day after Christmas and I have to admit, I’m disappointed. I was supposed to get Something Wicked and Growing Hunger this week but the seller still doesn’t have my orders. According to him, his Christmas shipment was incomplete so he’s getting in touch with them to find out when the orders are arriving.

While waiting, I decided to cover my Last Night on Earth box and my A Touch of Evil box. I don’t know, is that too “OC“? I just want my games to be in good condition, and I still use these boxes to transport my games so I need to make sure that they’re protected.


I’ve had plenty of time to read through the rules of Level 7 [Escape] and I’ve been trying, but for some reason, the rules are just not sinking in. I don’t know if it’s a problem with how the rules were drafted or if it’s because I already have a bias towards the game. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews of the game over at Board Game Geek, but I don’t think it’s influenced me that much.

I’ve read several rule books now and I think I can safely say that it’s a combination of how the Level 7 rules were written (they come in two different guides, one for the general rules and one for the scenario specific rules) and simple laziness on my part. I hope I can finish this off soon – holiday season is almost over and I’ll be really busy again soon.


I took advantage of the holiday season and managed to climb a few levels in Avengers Alliance. I’m currently ranked 4th in my friends list at level 149, with three friends at level 157, 217, and 300. I used to be 11 levels behind friend #3 but I closed that gap and am now just 8 levels behind him.

I think I’m going to keep aiming for level 150, as this unlocks PVP Bonus Expansion IV, where I can put in boosts to my PVP team. I think I’m actually losing because of where I am – at level 149, I know I’m getting matched up against players at level 150 and higher, and they already have Expansion IV so they have the advantage of having more boosts.

Speaking of PVP, there are only 12 days left for Season 3. Again, I’m out of contention for Adamantium League (need to be at the top 0.5%) or Vibranium League (need to be at the top 3%), but I’m quite capable of ending up in Diamond League (top 15%). I’m actually in Diamond League right now, but that’s going to change – I’m going to get attacked and lose, and my ranking is going to drop. I need to make sure that I’m at the top 15% by the season’s end.


I need to start reading my comic books soon. I am so behind. I wonder where I should start?


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