New games!

Christmas is when people usually get new stuff, and it’s the same for me. This year, my interests shifted to board gaming, so I’m getting new board games for Christmas!


First off is Level 7 [Escape], a survival horror board game where players take the role of prisoners trapped in an intergalactic prison. Players can work together as they have a common goal: to escape. But in the end, players have to look out for Number 1 – THEMSELVES. The prison is represented by tiles that you reveal as you explore the area. These tiles are random and have varying challenges.

I haven’t had the chance to play this game (haven’t even read the rules yet), and this really isn’t mine; I borrowed it from a friend who’s looking to sell it. Hopefully I’ll like it enough to talk about it more and maybe even buy it. The concept definitely is sound enough for me to be interested in it.


It’s been a while since I played Last Night on Earth, and I’m sure that I’ll start playing that again once I get my hands on Growing Hunger, the first expansion that came out for the game. Growing Hunger comes with 4 new Heroes, 3 new Scenarios, 2 new L Boards and 7 additional Zombies, as well as additional rules to enhance the Last Night on Earth experience. The box even has enough space for the components of the base game, so I don’t have to worry about bringing both the base and the expansion with me.

What am I looking forward to the most with this expansion? The new scenarios, of course. One criticism that I have of the Last Night on Earth base game is that the scenarios are too basic and simple, but I can’t really blame Flying Frog Productions as this was their first game. The new Growing Hunger scenarios will definitely make us play this game again. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until after Christmas before this reaches my hands.something-wicked

Surprisingly, I’m more enthusiastic about getting the Something Wicked expansion for A Touch of Evil than I am about Growing Hunger. I’ve really grown to love the ATOE experience and I can’t wait to spice up our games with the 4 new Heroes, 4 new Villains, and new Board.

With Something Wicked, I’m mostly looking forward to getting the 4 new Villains. In the A Touch of Evil base game, the Villains were all quite similar in terms of their stats, but in Something Wicked, the Villains vary greatly from each other. The Gargoyle, for instance, is tougher to kill than the base Villains but is a little weaker in combat. Meanwhile, the Banshee is a little easier to kill but is much tougher in combat compared to the base Villains. The Unspeakable Horror? The toughest Villain that I’ve seen so far. I can only imagine how different our games are going to be when I finally get this expansion. Like Growing Hunger, this will probably arrive at my doorstep after Christmas.

Once I get these, I’ll try to start taking pictures of my modest game collection. I can’t wait!


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